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Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Bright LED Lighted Safety Glasses on QVC

Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Bright LED Lighted Safety Glasses on QVC. Previously recorded videos may contain expired pricing, exclusivity claims, or promotional offers.

Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Bright LED Lighted Safety Glasses

A good set of safety glasses is an investment for work or use around the home. Nature only gives us one set of eyes, so you should make it a priority to preserve them. At Panther Vision, it’s our responsibility to make sure your eyes get the protection they need. Protect yours with LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses and gain the benefits of bright LED lighting anywhere you look. These patented glasses feature a high-lumen output and impact-resistant lenses, keeping your eyes safe and making any activity brighter and safer. See every detail regardless of the surrounding light while experiencing superior protection from particles, liquids and impacts.

Comfort and Style Anyone Can Enjoy

Safety glasses have come a long way since science class, and our LIGHTSPECS® represent the cutting edge of development with frames so comfortable you’ll want to wear them for everything. These one-size safety glasses featured on QVC are made for universal wear and feature a snug fit with almost any face shape or head size, as well as a stylish appearance and ergonomic, featherweight frame. While most safety glasses claim to offer protection, these lenses have proof — and they create a safer working environment. Illuminate even the darkest areas with 24 lumens of bright, built-in LED lighting reaching 41.5 feet of effective range, with independent switches for single output or dual operation.

Unmatched Versatility at Work or Home

LIGHTSPECS® hunting safety glasses are for more than just hunters. They’re perfect for work, at home or on the go with 10 reliable hours of continuous use. More than protection, these glasses create a safer, brighter environment anywhere you could benefit from bright, hands-free lighting. With independent LED lights mounted to the frame, these safety glasses make walking the dog, threading a fishing lure and countless outdoor activities easier and safer. Do more in the dark with directed lighting and a high-visibility marker alerting drivers and anyone else passing by of your presence.
Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses are the ideal safety and lighting solution for many activities, including:

  • Eye protection at the range
  • Construction and trade work
  • Hunting, camping and fishing
  • Emergency auto maintenance
  • Working at night or in low light
  • Mowing the lawn and gardening
  • Walking the dog or being out at night

Why Choose American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Rated Safety Wear?

ANSI is a non-profit organization committed to safety and is responsible for creating uniform testing guidelines and product standards for products spanning industries. If safety eyewear isn’t ANSI rated, it isn’t very safe. ANSI Z87.1-2010 rating means verified protection from dust and airborne particles, hazardous liquids and the force of blunt impacts. Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® lenses are ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated, a designation dedicated to personal and occupational safety eyewear meeting the strict standards for superior resistance to impact and effective protection from splashes and non-ionizing radiation.

See the World From a Brighter Perspective With Safety Glasses on QVC

Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® are the ultimate safety glasses, lightweight and balanced for all-day wear and 10 hours of continuous LED lighting from four C611632 batteries you can easily replace. These glasses come in black or a light camouflage pattern with a carrying pouch for protection on the go. See anything in greater detail with 24 lumens of directed light and no glare from the source. Browse our full selection of LIGHTSPECS® glasses in all our styles and see what the power of LED lighting can do for you!

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