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Tips for Buying the Best Flashlight

Looking for a new flashlight? All you have to do is type the word into a search engine to realize you have more options than you could imagine. From old-school to high-tech, flashlights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features. Which one will suit your needs?

Before you decide to just close your eyes and randomly pick the first one that catches your eye, take a step back. You can narrow the field pretty rapidly by following a few key tips for buying the best flashlight.

1. Find a Design That Feels Natural

Think all flashlights look like those simple round gadgets you had growing up? Think again.

Today, top lighting engineers like ours at Panther Vision have created fumble-free flashlights that fit intuitively in your hand. Look for a design that allows you to get a grip when you need it most.

2. Opt for a Waterproof Version

If you’re going to invest in a flashlight, make it a waterproof one. Why? Rain, sleet and dampness happen. And we’ve all had the panic-inducing moment of dropping a regular flashlight into a puddle, lake or even the toilet.

Waterproof flashlights allow you to feel more secure under any circumstances. They’re not going to rust out on you or start flickering when you need them most.

3. Get a Flashlight Featuring LED Lights

Targeted, long-lasting LED lighting technology has come a long way. You’ll notice the difference immediately between your old and new flashlight when you upgrade to an LED version. Additionally, you’ll like knowing that you have a super-strong light to illuminate the path ahead.

4. Look at Your Budget

You get what you pay for with anything, including flashlights. Nevertheless, you should always keep your budget in mind when you’re considering which flashlight to buy.

Flashlights will range in price quite a bit. Consider what you need and how often you need lighting. For outdoor adventurers, trustworthy lighting is a must-have for protection and security. If you’re taking your flashlight into the wilderness regularly, it’s probably worth it to scale up to a model that might cost a bit more but will never leave you in the dark.

5. Evaluate Each Flashlight’s Run Time

You can expect to replace the batteries in your flashlight on a regular basis. But what does regular mean? Honestly, it’s going to be different depending on the flashlight you choose.

Be sure you understand how often you can expect to swap out the batteries. You should also buy enough batteries when you get your flashlight so you aren’t without a stash of them when the time comes.

6. Go for the Right Size

Flashlights come in tons of sizes. Bigger ones might seem appealing, but larger flashlights won’t necessarily illuminate any better than tiny ones. Besides, they can become unwieldy in a hurry.

Most people prefer a flashlight on the smaller side. It’s easier to handle, easier to carry and easier to store. Plus, with LED lights, it will still pack all the power you need.

Buy a New Flashlight Today

Now that you know the things to look for when buying a flashlight, start your investigation by checking out our Panther Vision FLATEYE™. It has all the hallmarks and superior engineering of a flashlight you can rely on for the long haul. Shop our lighting solutions today and see the world from a brighter perspective.