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Month: October 2017

Panther Vision in Dorm Room Etiquette

Panther Vision has a few different options as far as lighting goes. Whether you are reading something or just want a little extra light, these hats can totally help you out so you can see but you don’t have to turn on the light, thereby annoying your sleeping roommate or go sit out in the hall when it is cold and stay snuggled up in your bed! Proper Lighting Etiquette for Dorm Rooms For many new students, college dorm rooms represent their first extended stay away from home with a place all to their own — or at least to some degree. Dorm rooms are often shared spaces, where roommates may share a bedroom, study area, living space and restroom in close quarters. Living this close to another person comes with rules both should follow. Some are established, and some are unwritten, but observing them will help keep the Read More