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Panther Vision in Dorm Room Etiquette

Panther Vision has a few different options as far as lighting goes. Whether you are reading something or just want a little extra light, these hats can totally help you out so you can see but you don’t have to turn on the light, thereby annoying your sleeping roommate or go sit out in the hall when it is cold and stay snuggled up in your bed!

Proper Lighting Etiquette for Dorm Rooms

For many new students, college dorm rooms represent their first extended stay away from home with a place all to their own — or at least to some degree. Dorm rooms are often shared spaces, where roommates may share a bedroom, study area, living space and restroom in close quarters. Living this close to another person comes with rules both should follow. Some are established, and some are unwritten, but observing them will help keep the peace all semester. With the right dorm room etiquette, you and your roommate can become the best of friends — rather than bitter enemies happy to separate for winter break.

Turning on the Lights

In college, night owls and early birds may find themselves sharing a cozy room, creating interpersonal challenges from alternating sleep schedules and study habits. After years of having your own bedroom, splitting a place with someone on an opposite schedule can wear on your nerves. Both roommates expect a level of freedom, but in a dorm-room setting, compromises will almost always be necessary. Whether you are both up at different hours, or one of you has trouble sleeping at night, respecting each other’s sleep schedule and follow dorm room etiquette with lighting to help keep things positive.

Personal Lighting Solutions for Dorm Rooms

The easiest solution to overcome lighting challenges is a personal lighting device, providing all the light you need without disturbing those around you. At Panther Vision, we manufacture a line of advanced lighting solutions powered by LED technology, using innovative and patented designs to solve common problems for good. Our products are driven by customer demand, with a range of options for reading, studying or finding your way around after dark. Take our wearable lighting on the go and enjoy bright, hands-free light across campus for better visibility and increased safety at night.

    • POWERCAP® LED headwear: Navigate the dorm, study after dark or get around campus with a comfortable POWERCAP® LED ballcap or beanie. These products feature built-in LED lighting sewn into the material and are discreet and powerful with long battery life. Enjoy extra protection from the elements with on-demand light at the press of a button.
    • LIGHTSPECS® LED glasses: LIGHTSPECS® LED glasses are revolutionary eyewear, with bright LED lighting built into the frame for better visibility and hands-free use. There are several options to choose from to find the right pair for you, including reading glasses with magnifying properties, lightweight LED eyewear and rechargeable LED glasses.
    • FLATEYE™ LED flashlights: The FLATEYE™ UNROUND flashlight is the next evolution in pocket flashlight design. These lights represent the next generation of innovation, waterproof engineered and equipped with heat-dispersing technology. What does this mean for you? A dependable flashlight with extended battery life that’s waterproof and comfortable to use.

BUTTON LAMP™ adhesive LEDs: Stick a BUTTON LAMP™ adhesive LED to the side of a wall, a container or any virtually any surface for a private lamp. These tiny but mighty LED lamps project 13 lumens of directed light for up to 17 hours of continuous use, from a product the size of a quarter!

See in the Dark With Panther Vision Patented Technologies

Keep up with all your schoolwork while following lighting etiquette for a dorm room. Panther Vision LED technologies are easy to use, comfortable to wear and affordable to buy. For help finding all the lighting solutions for your dorm room or college apartment, send us a message today!

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