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Month: March 2020

Why You Need Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Why You Need Bifocal Safety Eyewear When working in industrial, medical, construction and scientific fields, employees need to read fine details for accuracy. Certain jobs require the use of safety glasses, but what are you supposed to do if you rely on readers? Bifocal safety eyewear is the perfect solution for people who experience loss of eyesight with age. The days of having to switch between your normal glasses and safety gear are over. Bifocal safety glasses feature a two-part lens design with magnification on the bottom and a clear view along the top. Enhance safety initiatives for a job well-done with products available in various shapes, sizes and magnification levels. Prevent Eye Injuries With Bifocal Safety Glasses Bifocal safety eyewear is designed for anyone who has trouble seeing close-up objects. As people age, they lose elasticity in the eyes, which makes near-sighted vision blurry. When working in environments where Read More

What to Look for in Gun Range Safety Glasses

What to Look for in Gun Range Safety Glasses Choosing to wear eye protection at the gun range can save you from a life-changing injury. Even if you are an experienced hunter, accidents can occur at any time based on environmental factors, equipment and those shooting around you. Shielding the face and eyes is considered mandatory at most range locations, so it is crucial to find shooting glasses to ensure you’re prepared for ricochets, hot shell casings, kickback and other hazards. Standard glasses are different from shooting glasses. Traditional prescription lenses will shatter upon impact, so Panther Vision put together a guide to finding the perfect pair of safety glasses to focus your shot. How to Choose the Right Shooting Glasses: Identification When you know what to look for in shooting glasses, you can make a confident purchasing decision. Shooting glasses are impact-resistant pieces of safety equipment that stand up Read More

Why You Should Always Wear Shooting Glasses

Why You Should Always Wear Shooting Glasses Whether you enjoy hunting or frequent the local range, proper eye protection is a must. Rubber bullets and traditional ammunition are both strong enough to break skin, and this can result in bruising, swelling and even bone fractures across the face. Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or are just getting into outdoor activities, shooting glasses can prevent the loss of eyesight in the event of an accident. The next time you embark on a hunting trip or outdoor retreat, remember that eye protection could save you from a life-changing injury. What Are Shooting Glasses? Hunters often think standard prescription glasses are enough to deflect projectiles from a firearm. However, this is entirely incorrect, as glass lenses are unsuitable for high-level impacts. If you were to get hit by a rubber bullet, traditional glasses would crack and fall off your face. Shooting glasses Read More

What Does ANSI Z87.1 Certified Mean?

What Does ANSI Z87.1 Certified Mean? Professionals operating in fields such as construction, science and manufacturing require the proper tools to complete jobs onsite. In some cases, protective eyewear and other gear is necessary for safety. ANSI stands for The American National Standards Institute, which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to testing various products to ensure they withstand environmental factors, and this is where the extension of Z87.1 comes into play. Business owners and employees must have an understanding of their surroundings, and ANSI Z87.1 guidelines help them identify the limits of safety glasses, face masks and more. ANSI standards make it possible for individuals to select safety equipment for risks involving impacts, liquid splashes, radiation exposure, dust and shrapnel. The Importance of ANSI Z87.1 Standards for Safety Glasses ANSI is not controlled by the U.S. government, but standards set by this group are still influential over Occupational Safety and Read More