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Month: October 2020

Safety Glasses Maintenance

Safety eyewear is essential for professionals who work in construction sites, science labs, medical facilities, automotive garages and beyond. This equipment helps your team maintain compliance, and cleaning gear with each use increases visibility for a job well-done. Maintaining safety glasses is the key to prolonging their life, so Panther Vision is here with tips for upkeep and storage. It’s important to assess the condition of eyewear before and after daily tasks are complete. Take extra care of your eyewear, and your safety glasses will take care of you. The Best Way to Clean Safety Glasses: Cool Water Safety glasses come in contact with dust, shrapnel and other abrasive materials. Between wears, double check that your eyewear is free from debris. Small particles of dirt are enough to create scratches along the lenses, so you can keep your safety glasses in pristine shape by rinsing them off under cool water. Read More

How to Select Laser Safety Eyewear

If you operate in the fields of scientific research, health and medicine, or manufacturing, you understand that safety glasses cater to unique applications. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all mentality, as the power of lasers changes based on industry and level of exposure. Finding appropriate safety eyewear may seem complicated at first, but Panther Vision is here to set you in the right direction. The wavelength of a laser will influence safety eyewear requirements. The naked eye is extremely sensitive, and wearing safety glasses with light filters is the most proactive way to prevent unwanted irritation and even blindness. Start With Your Laser Laser technology is constantly expanding with new advancements. Before you can begin your search for safety glasses, you’re going to need to collect information about the laser you will be working with. Locate the owner’s manual of your device and identify the following: Operating wavelength Read More

Safety Glasses for Motorcycle Riding

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of riding your motorcycle out on the open road. Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, taking safety precautions is essential to protect yourself and others while enjoying your ride. From your helmet to safety pads to gloves, you rely on a variety of accessories to keep you safe. Protective eyewear is essential, as visual acuity is crucial to staying safe on the road. At Panther Vision, we have a large selection of safety glasses for motorcycle riding that provide the advanced features you need to see better and prevent eye injury. Our LIGHTSPECS® LED Safety Glasses Our LIGHTSPECS® LED safety glasses allow you to navigate your surroundings with clarity and confidence. With their ultra-bright LED light, angled shine and ANSI Z87.1-2010-rated impact lenses, they provide extremely clear sightlines and reliable protection. These glasses have polycarbonate frames for a strong yet lightweight design. The Read More

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