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Month: February 2021

Tips for Hiking at Night

If you’re trying to stay active during the winter when it gets dark sooner, night hiking may be unavoidable. Night hiking isn’t always intentional — sometimes, your day hike may take longer than you planned, especially if you’re exploring a new trail or get lost along the way. Or maybe, you just prefer hiking at night. By knowing how to handle the trails in the dark, you’ll be prepared for any possible scenario. Read on to learn what you need to enjoy an after-dark trip, including must-have equipment, hiking guidelines and safety tips. Benefits of Hiking at Night If you’re already an experienced wayfarer, you probably know what a positive impact hiking can have on your body and mind. Physically, it lowers your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure while helping you maintain bone density, blood sugar levels and manage your weight. It also builds endurance and strengthens your muscles and Read More