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Month: May 2021

9 Tips for Staying Safe When Camping at Night

Table of Contents: Ways to Stay Safe Plan Ahead Be Aware of Your Surroundings Bring a Survival kit Wear Appropriate Gear Practice Fire Safety Habits Be Aware of Local Wildlife Stay Hydrated Bring Any Medication Needed Remain Alert Shop Lighted Caps and Flashlights From Panther Vision Camping is a fun-filled, adventurous way to bond with nature and whoever accompanies you. Before embarking on your camping journey, you’ll need to know some crucial safety practices for exploring the wilderness. Specifically, you’ll need to know how to stay safe in the dark if you plan to camp at night. This guide will cover everything you need to know about staying safe when camping at night, from planning ahead and packing the right gear to minding wildlife and practicing fire safety. Ways to Stay Safe Camping at Night If you’re planning an overnight camping trip, check out these nine ways to stay safe: Read More