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Month: November 2021

How to Wash Panther Vision LED Hats

Panther Vision LED hats are useful for indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you use a POWERCAP® for your job or enjoy going on hikes with your hands-free accessory, washing your purchases keeps them fresh for the next wear. Panther Vision offers multiple POWERCAP® styles, and most of our products are made of different materials. Use the general guide below to learn how to wash a Panther Vision cap. 1. Power Down the Hat Washing any of our POWERCAP® products will require you to turn the front-facing LEDs off. Panther Vision hats have manual switches located along the brim. Use your finger to filter through the brightness settings until all LEDs are powered down. 2. Remove the POWERCAP® Batteries Be sure to take out the CR2032 coin cell batteries before washing a POWERCAP® accessory. The batteries in our traditional caps are located within the sweatband section. LED lighted beanies have batteries within a cut-out along the back. Read More

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