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Month: February 2022

How to Safely Walk Your Dog at Night

Table of Contents: Benefits of Walking Your Dog at Night How to Safely Walk Your Dog at Night Night Walking Equipment Browse Hands-Free Lighted Hats From Panther Vision   Every dog needs exercise, but finding the right time of day to schedule your walks can present a challenge. Many dog owners find walking at night to be ideal — evening walks offer several practical and health benefits. Should you choose to go for walks after dark, you’ll need to take precautions to keep you and your pup safe.  Learn how to safely walk your dog at night using thoughtful strategies and proper gear.  Benefits of Walking Your Dog at Night Choosing a nighttime schedule for your walks has many unique advantages for both you and your dog. Here are some of the reasons you might opt to take your daily walks after dark:  Results in better sleep: Adequate exercise can lead Read More

How to Stay Safe While Biking at Night

Table of Contents: Is It Safe to Ride Your Bike at Night? 9 Safety Tips for Riding Your Bike at Night 1. Equip Plenty of Lights 2. Wear Reflective Clothing 3. Prepare for Emergencies 4. Ride With a Partner 5. Own the Road 6. Embrace Safety Technology 7. Plan Your Route 8. Follow Traffic Laws 9. Keep up With Bike Maintenance Shop for Lights at Panther Vision There may not be enough hours in the day to ride your bike while the sun is still shining. You may find it’s still dark by the time you leave for work, and the sun may set before you leave the office, especially in the winter months when days are shorter. Whether you bike to work, are planning a long ride or don’t have time during the day to exercise, there’s a chance you’ll be hitting the streets on your bike at night. Read More