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Month: December 2022

Uses for Your BUTTON LIGHT™

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LIGHT™ provides 13 lumens of targeted light in a small, waterproof and shockproof sticker. Use these products inside and outside, in the basement or the attic — and anywhere else that could benefit from a little extra light. Each order comes with six lights in a pack and their batteries so that you can start using them immediately. There are various applications for these six lights, which makes it easy to ensure they all find a use. Below are some of the Panther Vision team’s favorite ways to include BUTTON LIGHT™ products in their daily lives. Use at Work Whether you spend hours doing paperwork in dark rooms or you work the night shift in an outdoor space, the BUTTON LIGHT™ can offer the light you need. You can attach these cordless work lights to any wall, ceiling or appliance in your vicinity and save your eyes the Read More

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