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What You Need to Prepare for Hunting Season

One of the most essential aspects of being a successful hunter is knowing that hunting season doesn’t begin on opening day. The weeks and months before the season starts are when you should do the homework and legwork needed to ensure you are ready to start your hunting season off right.

How to Prepare for Hunting Season

Whether you want to prepare for deer hunting season or turkey hunting season, there are several vital steps to take. While the exact order can vary depending on each hunter, you will want to ensure you complete the following tasks:

Renew or Register Your Hunting License

You must have a hunting license to hunt on opening day. If your license will expire or this is your first hunting trip in years, you will need to renew or register your hunting license. Most states allow hunters to renew or register their hunting licenses in the summer, so ensure you complete this step in time.

Organize Your Gear

Before embarking on your hunting trip, look through your gear to see what you have enough of and what you may need to replace. One option is to upgrade your flashlight to a POWERCAP® from Panther Vision. These LED lighted caps offer a wide illumination area to help you see without needing to carry a flashlight.

Or, if you need a new flashlight, consider choosing an option from our wide inventory, such as our FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-1000 Flashlight or FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FRL-2100 Lantern Flashlight. These products provide over 100 meters of visibility distance.

Scout the Area

The best way to know what a hunting area will contain is to go out and assess the location before the season begins. The more familiar you are with a site and the animals that live there, the better your chances of a successful hunting season. If you plan on visiting your hunting spot in the early morning or late at night, you can use our LED headlamp and utility lights to help brighten your path without needing traditional bulky lighting solutions.

Ensure Your Hunting Season Is Successful With Panther Vision

Make sure the upcoming hunting season is a success by investing in gear from Panther Vision. Whether you buy a POWERCAP®, FLATEYE™ LED flashlight or utility light and headlamp, you can feel confident you have enough light to complete all tasks efficiently. If you plan on hunting during those chilly late-fall mornings, we also offer our POWERPAW rechargeable hand warmer to help you stay warm as you wait.

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