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COVID-19 and Eye Protection

COVID-19 and Eye Protection The spread of COVID-19 leaves the general public and medical professionals questioning the best methods for protection against the virus. The concepts of social distancing and face coverings are new norms for person-to-person interactions, but many are curious about contracting COVID-19 via the eyes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask and staying away from crowds when possible. But what about eye protection? There is currently little concrete data supporting the idea that children and adults should always wear eye protection to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, It is widely believed that touching your face and exposing yourself to droplets from an infected person increases your chances of getting sick. Wearing airtight goggles or eyewear might be enough to stop you from rubbing your eyes during this global pandemic. Is Eye Protection Necessary for COVID-19 Protection? COVID-19 spreads Read More

Why You Need Bifocal Safety Eyewear

Why You Need Bifocal Safety Eyewear When working in industrial, medical, construction and scientific fields, employees need to read fine details for accuracy. Certain jobs require the use of safety glasses, but what are you supposed to do if you rely on readers? Bifocal safety eyewear is the perfect solution for people who experience loss of eyesight with age. The days of having to switch between your normal glasses and safety gear are over. Bifocal safety glasses feature a two-part lens design with magnification on the bottom and a clear view along the top. Enhance safety initiatives for a job well-done with products available in various shapes, sizes and magnification levels. Prevent Eye Injuries With Bifocal Safety Glasses Bifocal safety eyewear is designed for anyone who has trouble seeing close-up objects. As people age, they lose elasticity in the eyes, which makes near-sighted vision blurry. When working in environments where Read More

What to Look for in Gun Range Safety Glasses

What to Look for in Gun Range Safety Glasses Choosing to wear eye protection at the gun range can save you from a life-changing injury. Even if you are an experienced hunter, accidents can occur at any time based on environmental factors, equipment and those shooting around you. Shielding the face and eyes is considered mandatory at most range locations, so it is crucial to find shooting glasses to ensure you’re prepared for ricochets, hot shell casings, kickback and other hazards. Standard glasses are different from shooting glasses. Traditional prescription lenses will shatter upon impact, so Panther Vision put together a guide to finding the perfect pair of safety glasses to focus your shot. How to Choose the Right Shooting Glasses: Identification When you know what to look for in shooting glasses, you can make a confident purchasing decision. Shooting glasses are impact-resistant pieces of safety equipment that stand up Read More

Why You Should Always Wear Shooting Glasses

Why You Should Always Wear Shooting Glasses Whether you enjoy hunting or frequent the local range, proper eye protection is a must. Rubber bullets and traditional ammunition are both strong enough to break skin, and this can result in bruising, swelling and even bone fractures across the face. Whether you are an experienced outdoorsman or are just getting into outdoor activities, shooting glasses can prevent the loss of eyesight in the event of an accident. The next time you embark on a hunting trip or outdoor retreat, remember that eye protection could save you from a life-changing injury. What Are Shooting Glasses? Hunters often think standard prescription glasses are enough to deflect projectiles from a firearm. However, this is entirely incorrect, as glass lenses are unsuitable for high-level impacts. If you were to get hit by a rubber bullet, traditional glasses would crack and fall off your face. Shooting glasses Read More

What Does ANSI Z87.1 Certified Mean?

What Does ANSI Z87.1 Certified Mean? Professionals operating in fields such as construction, science and manufacturing require the proper tools to complete jobs onsite. In some cases, protective eyewear and other gear is necessary for safety. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to testing various products to ensure they withstand environmental factors, and this is where the extension of Z87.1 comes into play. Business owners and employees must have an understanding of their surroundings, and ANSI Z87.1 guidelines help them identify the limits of safety glasses, face masks and more. ANSI standards make it possible for individuals to select safety equipment for risks involving impacts, liquid splashes, radiation exposure, dust and shrapnel. The Importance of ANSI Z87.1 Standards ANSI is not controlled by the U.S. government, but standards set by this group are still influential over Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) eye and face Read More

Are LEDs Affected by Cold and Hot Temperatures?

Are LEDs Affected by Cold and Hot Temperatures? LED lighting is highly reliable, but like anything else, it can be affected by cold and hot temperatures. That’s why it’s important to know how your lights will perform in ambient temperatures and consider where you’ll be using them. So how exactly are LEDs affected by cold and heat? How Are LEDs Affected by Cold? Generally speaking, the cooler the environment, the greater an LED’s light output. This quality means that LED lighting actually performs well in cold temperatures. In fact, these lights will turn on instantly in cold temperatures, as the cold does not affect them. They also work well in cold temperatures because there’s generally less temperature fluctuation, which means less thermal stress placed on the driver and diodes. When LED lights are installed in cold temperatures, studies show that lumen output increases and the rate of degradation decreases. How Read More

Choosing Color Temperature Lighting

Choosing Color Temperature Lighting You may not always realize it, but color affects many aspects of our daily lives. From our moods to how we interact with others, color impacts how we feel and behave. When it comes to color in lighting, the effects are much the same. We can measure color temperatures using the Kelvin scale, which is a thermodynamic temperature measurement. Light Color Temperature Range Here is a breakdown of the Kelvin light color temperature range: 2000-3000 Kelvin: Colors are warm and inviting shades of red, orange and yellow. They are often used in restaurants, living rooms, commercial spaces and more. 3100-4500 Kelvin: Vibrant and bright shades of yellow and white. Typically used for task lighting, work settings, basements and more. 4600-6500 Kelvin: Sharp and invigorating shades of blue. Ideal for security lighting, displays and similar spaces. How to Choose the Right Light Temperature Finding the right light temperature depends on Read More

How Does Cold Weather Affect Lithium Batteries?

How Does Cold Weather Affect Lithium Batteries? If you live in a cold weather climate, you’ve likely experienced your cell phone or other electronics being zapped of power very quickly. One minute the battery is at 100%, then before you know it, the battery has died completely. So how does temperature affect lithium batteries, and how are lithium batteries affected by the cold? Lithium batteries rely on chemical reactions to work, and the cold can slow and even stop those reactions from occurring. Although these batteries handle cold better than most others, very low temperatures still affect their ability to store and release energy. Since cold conditions drain these batteries, you’ll need to charge them more often. Unfortunately, charging them in low temperatures is not as effective as doing so under normal weather conditions because the ions that provide the charge do not move properly in the cold weather. How Read More

How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last?

How Long Do Lithium Batteries Last? Over the years, lithium batteries have become bigger, more powerful and less expensive than other types of batteries. Most importantly, they’re able to last much longer. That’s why today, they can be used to power everything from cell phones to cars to electric grids and more. So just how long do they last? You can measure how long a lithium battery will last in a few different ways. The amount of time the battery provides power is typically measured in kilowatt hours (kWhs). Then, there’s the amount of time it can be charged and recharged before its power degrades significantly, typically measured in terms of years in use. The typical lifespan for a lithium battery is two to three years. A good rule of thumb is that once it can hold only 70-80% of its original energy storage, the battery should be replaced. How Read More

Basics of LED Lighting

Most of us have seen those big-budget blockbuster movies depicting what the future will look like with visions of flying cars, fully automated everyday fixtures and sophisticated robotics creating a bigger, cleaner and more innovative world. While many of these advancements are still far off, the first step to this shiny and modern future is already here in the form of LED lighting. LED bulbs are now included in a variety of different products and applications because of their exceptional energy efficiency, non-toxic, eco-friendly design and versatile usage. LED lighting is a sophisticated technology that is greatly different than the sources of lighting most people are familiar with, such as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. To best use LEDs in your everyday life, you should understand how they work and their best uses — but let’s start at the basics of LED lighting. What Is an LED Light? An LED — Read More

Types of Lights for Night Fishing 

Night fishing is an exhilarating pastime for many avid anglers — the mystery and unknown adventure draws more people to set sail after dark. When you hook something on your line, is it a record-breaking trophy catch or an old boot from the deep? The thrill of nighttime fishing along with that necessary escape from the blazing summer heat is what encourages more individuals to try it. By casting your line at dusk or dawn, you even have better odds of catching fish. Night fishing is an endeavor like no other, and you need the right tools and equipment for the best results. Next time you launch your boat as the sun dips below the horizon, make sure to bring several hands-free lights along. Best Types of Lights for Night Fishing You need the best tools for the most successful night fishing trip, including a rod, reel, lures and a variety Read More

How Long Should an LED Last? 

With modern improvements and a culture defined by taking steps toward a greener, brighter tomorrow, more companies are producing LED bulbs and products to replace traditional incandescent lights. Along with its eco-friendly, non-toxic design and energy efficiency, LEDs are also appealing because of the bulb’s superior lifespan compared to incandescent and fluorescent alternatives.  When you flip the package of an LED lightbulb to check out its performance benefits, you’ll likely see an impressive message from the manufacturer claiming the LED has a lifespan of 50,000 hours or longer. Have you ever tried to picture 50,000 hours in a tangible timeframe — tens of thousands of usable hours is nearly incomprehensible, so are LED brands being overly optimistic or is this lifespan realistic?  By understanding how LEDs work compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, you can be a better and savvier consumer.  The Lifespan of a Lightbulb  It’s important to know how Read More

Benefits of Using LED Lights

The incandescent light bulb era is now over, and savvy consumers have moved on to the superior LED light — the future of household lighting. LED lights are as versatile as old-school incandescent bulbs, but they last much longer, stay cool to the touch and boost your energy efficiency. LEDs — which stands for “Light-Emitting Diodes” — provide lighting up to 90 percent more efficiently than incandescent lights by passing an electrical current throughout a microchip. The moving current forces small, light-emitting diodes to illuminate, casting brilliant light throughout your space. With LEDs, you can have a brighter tomorrow and flip the switch on what’s considered “standard” lighting today. What Are LED Lights? While you may have only been using LED lights for the past two decades, LED technology is older than you might expect. LEDs were initially developed in the early 1960s by scientist Nick Holonyak as a new Read More

Selecting the Right Safety Eyewear

When out at the job, having effective, proper eye protection is a necessity whether you’re building a new house, working on a road or digging and planting new landscaping. Safety glasses serve a vital function on job sites, protecting your eyes from everything from ultraviolet rays to flying debris and dust and pollen in the air. All it takes is one small misstep or particle to damage your eyes, causing severe injury or irreparable damage. However, eye injuries are easy to avoid with a pair of safety glasses to shield your eyes. The right kind of protective eyewear can even enhance your vision with specialty coatings, built-in lighting and prescription lenses for better performance. What Kind of Safety Glasses Do You Need?  Finding the right safety eyewear is more than just grabbing a pair of clear one-size-fits-all plastic glasses next time you swing by the hardware store. Safety glasses are Read More

Lighting Accessories for Camping

Nothing beats laying under a summer night sky, toasting marshmallows and counting stars, miles beyond the furthest reaches of civilization. Sitting at a blazing fire with friends and family, then curling up in a tent at the end of the day, are some of the best ways to make cherished memories.  While relaxing under the darkest night skies can be exciting and magical, the immense blackness surrounding your campsite can be a challenge to navigate without proper lighting. Whether you’re a frequent camper who prefers primitive camping or like keeping some of the best necessities of home close by, proper, reliable lighting is one tool you need to embrace the great outdoors. With modern innovations and creative lighting solutions, there’s a wide variety of different options to suit any campsite. Creative Lighting for Your Campsite When trekking through the great outdoors, adequate and handy lighting solutions are one of the Read More

Why Wear Safety Glasses?

Whether you work in a fast-paced construction site or industrial facility, see patients at a healthcare facility or prepare food at a favorite local neighborhood restaurant, modern workplaces are a dangerous environment. Think of how often you’re exposed to commonly found job site materials such as wood chips, metal flakes, oil and grease splashes, hot steam and other foreign objects that can cause serious eye injuries. If you work alongside these damaging materials daily without wearing protective gear, you can experience anywhere from minor irritations and discomfort to a severe condition.  Job site eye injuries are incredibly common, affecting at least 2,000 individuals every day, and severe enough to require immediate medical attention. The most common eye injuries are caused by:  Projectiles:Dust, concrete, metal flakes, wood shavings and other materials Chemicals: Splashes and fumes Radiation: Visible light, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation and lasers Blood-borne pathogens: Blood and other bodily fluids Read More

Top Lighting Gifts for the Holidays

As the holidays quickly approach, it’s time to start brainstorming gift ideas for your loved ones this year. Consider skipping the socks and food baskets for something more unique, but just as practical — lights. Lights are a crucial part of our everyday lives — so branch out from your traditional gift-giving habits and give lights as gifts for everyone on your list. Whether you’re shopping for a book lover, someone looking to enhance their home’s interior or an outdoor extraordinaire, lighting gifts will be the perfect present for all the different people in your life. For the Reader For that friend or relative who might stay up and spend long nights reading in bed, lighted reading glasses make the perfect gift. LIGHTSPECS® LED reading glasses come in both battery-powered and rechargeable options. The battery-powered reading glasses last up to 50 hours before you need to change the batteries, while Read More

What Are Lumens?

While technological advancements have enabled significant improvements in lighting solutions, spawning a wide range of different options available, no alternative lighting product can totally replace the dependable use of a traditional flashlight. Flashlights are the best lighting option when you need a portable beam of light, better and more controlled lighting or a reliable signaling device. With the introduction of LED — light emitting diode — technology and improved battery lifespan, standard flashlights are now more efficient, smaller, more lightweight and brighter than ever. When you’re shopping for your next flashlight, you may be surprised by how many options are available — but one important characteristic to note is the flashlight’s lumen output. So what are lumens? Until recently, the word “lumens” wasn’t a popular term for measuring light output in the United States — most people were more familiar with measuring light according to wattage. Wattage describes how much Read More

Benefits of LED Flashlights

When you move into a new home or buy a new car, having a reliable flashlight on hand can make life easier. Flashlights are the perfect tool in many everyday situations, such as when you: Require handheld light Desire the ability to set a light down to work on a task Want to control the light using precision and skill Need a strong and portable beam When you purchase a new flashlight, consider buying a light-emitting diode (LED), which has long-lasting battery power and exceptional energy efficiency. You can use LED flashlights in a variety of situations, as long as you take proper care of them and know when to replace the batteries. What Is an LED Flashlight? LED flashlights are technologically advanced, and you use them for so much more than simple household needs. They’re brighter and more efficient flashlights than regular flashlights. They’re also highly reliable and often Read More

How Does a Flashlight Work?

Most homeowners have a flashlight stashed somewhere in the house in case of an emergency or unexpected power outage. With a simple flick or press of a button, you easily trigger a steady source of light — but how exactly are flashlights able to produce light in situations when you need it most? It’s a common question, and we’re here to answer! Parts of a Flashlight While flashlights look like they’d have simple mechanisms on the outside, several smaller pieces are working together inside the body to produce light. Typical flashlights contain the following components: Casing: The case is the outer, protective housing that protects the inner mechanisms of the flashlight, including the batteries and light bulb. Contacts: Throughout the body of the flashlight, there’s a thin strip of copper or brass metal that creates an electrical connection between the batteries, lamp and switch — this component is the contact. Read More

What Is a Puck Light?

When you’re out and about, you likely catch yourself reaching for your phone’s flashlight several times to quickly and easily illuminate your surroundings or small details. Having easy access to reliable lighting is essential in your fast-paced world for completing a variety of tasks from cooking to car repairs to camping — but you shouldn’t have to settle for sub-par lighting solutions or even sacrifice proper illumination due to limited options. The best solution for convenient, hands-free operation is a puck light. What Is a Puck Light? A puck light is a bright, round LED light that’s easily mounted to the surface of an object. These versatile lighting solutions are particularly useful in an area which requires a significant amount of light coming from as few light sources as possible. With a single switch of a puck light, you no longer have to navigate through the dark whether at home, Read More

questions to ask when camping

Questions to Ask When Camping

Table of Contents: Where to Sleep Pick a Good Tent Pick a Good Location Pick a Bed What to Wear While Camping Layering Waterproof Boots Hat and Headwear What to Eat Bring Non-Perishable Foods Bring Food to Cook or Grill Bring a Pot to Cook In Bring Lots of Water to Drink Things to Do While Camping Hiking Building a Campfire Star Gazing Swimming How to Navigate in the Woods Utility Lights Flashlights LED Lighted Hats BUTTON LAMP™ Batteries Camping — an activity where we challenge ourselves to live temporarily in the wild — is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences we can have. However, few of us would find this experience even remotely pleasant without bringing along several essential items. Read along to discover what these items are and why they’re important! Where to Sleep Hopefully, one of the activities planned for your camping trip is a Read More

Why You Should Use a Flashlight When Hunting

Hunting is becoming a popular nighttime pastime, especially for people looking to track nocturnal animals like deer, feral hogs and coyotes. The best hunting and tracking outcomes require the most effective, multi-use equipment. While seasoned hunting enthusiasts may find flashlights a hindrance to the process, or that the excess lighting may spook potential game, having a handy hunting flashlight can ensure your survival in the field. With a flashlight for hunting, you can optimize your hunting and tracking process, guarantee yours and others’ safety and have overall greater success during your nighttime hunting adventure. Reasons to Use a Flashlight for Hunting Whether you’re an experienced nighttime hunter or just beginning your nocturnal tracking adventure, you could benefit from keeping a flashlight with you. For greater safety and survival success during your hunt, consider the following reasons for having a designated flashlight for hunting. 1. To Locate Hunting Posts and Read Read More

The Benefits of a Hands-Free Flashlight

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman or an active hobbyist, you will always need extra, reliable lighting for better precision and convenience. The best lighting tool to finish your favorite projects is a hands-free flashlight. These lightweight flashlights allow you to easily illuminate low-light areas while keeping your hands free to complete essential tasks. You can easily use hands-free flashlights for a variety of activities and hobbies, including: Camping and hiking Running Biking Dog-walking Reading Sewing or other hobbies Working on vehicles Benefits of a Hands-Free Flashlight Hands-free flashlights should be an essential light source for everyone because of their dependability, flexibility and easy-to-use design. With a hands-free flashlight, you can experience the following perks: Convenience: With a hands-free flashlight, you can have reliable lighting while keeping both of your hands free to carry gear, climb and maneuver unknown areas, tinker with tools and small parts or eat. Safety: While running Read More

Night hunting safety tips

Night Hunting Safety Tips

Table of Contents: Tips for A Successful Hunt Hunting Restrictions Location Lighting Digital Calls vs. Mouth Calls Feral Hog Hunting Patience Think Ahead and Be Safe Tips for a Safe Hunting Trip Always Assume Your Firearm Is Loaded Never Point a Gun at Anything You Don’t Plan to Shoot Keep Your Finger Away From That Trigger Clearly Identify Your Target Before You Shoot If Your Gun Misfires or Hangfires, Treat It With Extreme Caution Never Jump Across a Ditch or Climb a Fence With a Loaded Gun Dress for Success If Possible, Take a GPS Device With You Always Carry a Small First-Aid Kit Always Tell Someone Where You’re Going Make Sure You Have the Proper Lighting to Get Into the Woods at Night Hunters often wonder can you hunt at night? While most hunters take whatever opportunities they can to hunt during the day, night hunting is becoming increasingly Read More

Team Rubicon's Disaster Response mission

Panther Vision Brings Creative Lighting Solutions to Disaster Relief Non-Profit

Panther Vision Brings Creative Lighting Solutions to Disaster Relief Non-Profit

How to stay safe when running at night

Tips for Safe Night Running

Table of Contents: Is Running at Night Bad? Top Tips for Night Running Stop Zoning Out Keep it Simple Run against Traffic Wear Bright, Vibrant and Reflective Colors Run Behind Cars at Intersections Avoid Wearing Headphones — Even During the Day Wear a Baseball Cap and Clear Glasses Switch up Your Route Exercise With a Friend Make Eye Contact With Drivers at Intersections Run in Well-Lit Areas Wear Layers Track Your Route With an App Carry Your ID Take Your Phone Run With a Dog Gear up With Smart LED Technology Best Night Running Safety Gear Just because the sun is setting doesn’t mean you have to work out indoors. Some people find it’s too dark out to train, so they pick up inside exercises like free weights, lift machines and running on the treadmill. However, other people need the sights, smells and freedom of the outdoors to complete their Read More

Acme Tools logo graphic

ACME Tools BRANDS, BUYING GUIDES – Panther Vision FLATEYE High Performance UNROUND Flashlights

ACME Tools BRANDS, BUYING GUIDES – Panther Vision FLATEYE High Performance UNROUND Flashlights

Unround Flateye flashlight is bright and comfortable to hold

WBOC16 – New Unround Flashlight Design is Brighter for Longer and Easier to Hold than Round Counterparts

WBOC16 – New Unround Flashlight Design is Brighter for Longer and Easier to Hold than Round Counterparts

4-LED Powercap lighted hat for reading in the dark

Panther Vision in Dorm Room Etiquette

Panther Vision has a few different options as far as lighting goes. Whether you are reading something or just want a little extra light, these hats can totally help you out so you can see but you don’t have to turn on the light, thereby annoying your sleeping roommate or go sit out in the hall when it is cold and stay snuggled up in your bed! Proper Lighting Etiquette for Dorm Rooms For many new students, college dorm rooms represent their first extended stay away from home with a place all to their own — or at least to some degree. Dorm rooms are often shared spaces, where roommates may share a bedroom, study area, living space and restroom in close quarters. Living this close to another person comes with rules both should follow. Some are established, and some are unwritten, but observing them will help keep the Read More

Reading glasses to accompany books and tablets

Panther Vision in The Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Parents love gifts that have utility, and Panther Vision has a selection of gifts that are sure to light up their lives. From reading glasses to hats, utility lights, or even flashlights, you’ll give them the gift of sight at night, whether outside walking or inside reading.

Powerful bright LED emergency flashlight on dark road

What are the Advantages of Waterproof Flashlights?

The world is a glorious place and there are many people that love nothing more than to be out in that world exploring everywhere and everything that they can. Whether you are hiking, camping, biking, or walking along a deserted beach, a flashlight can always be an asset, especially when it is a waterproof flashlight as well. Exploring the great outdoors can be exhilarating, but it can be extremely dangerous as well and a waterproof flashlight can not only light your way, but help you out if you find yourself in danger also. Read on below for some of the advantages of flashlights that are also waterproof. Great for Adverse Weather Whether you are hiking along a trail or climbing to the top of a mountain, you are apt to run into a rain storm at any second. Having a flashlight that is waterproof ensures that your light doesn’t get Read More

Powerful bright LED emergency flashlight on dark road

Tips for Buying the Best Flashlight

All sorts of professions and hobbies require a strong, durable flashlight. From hunting to camping, working as a police officer or a fisherman, many need to have a flashlight that they can count on at all times. However, it can be hard to know exactly what to look for when you are buying a flashlight. When you just need a basic in-home emergency flashlight, it is simple enough to buy one, but it becomes more complicated for a durable option. Below are some tips to help you determine the best option based off of your flashlight needs. Budget The first question you need to ask yourself is how much money you are willing to pay. With flashlights, the more you spend, truly, the better quality it is. Decent flashlights will start at around $25.00, but can be much more expensive. Features such as waterproofing, durability, and more, will affect how Read More

Powercap Fleece Beanie with 4 LED lights on QVC

Panther Vision Powercap Fleece Beanie with 4 LED Lights on QVC

Panther Vision Powercap Fleece Beanie with 4 LED Lights on QVC. Previously recorded videos may contain expired pricing, exclusivity claims, or promotional offers.

QVC and Panther Vision test out LightSpecs lighted safety glasses

Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Bright LED Lighted Safety Glasses on QVC

Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Bright LED Lighted Safety Glasses on QVC. Previously recorded videos may contain expired pricing, exclusivity claims, or promotional offers. Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Bright LED Lighted Safety Glasses A good set of safety glasses is an investment for work or use around the home. Nature only gives us one set of eyes, so you should make it a priority to preserve them. At Panther Vision, it’s our responsibility to make sure your eyes get the protection they need. Protect yours with LIGHTSPECS® safety glasses and gain the benefits of bright LED lighting anywhere you look. These patented glasses feature a high-lumen output and impact-resistant lenses, keeping your eyes safe and making any activity brighter and safer. See every detail regardless of the surrounding light while experiencing superior protection from particles, liquids and impacts. Comfort and Style Anyone Can Enjoy Safety glasses have come a long way since science Read More

QVC appearance to discuss Powercap Hat with 4 LED lights

Panther Vision POWERCAP® Hat with 4 LED Lights on QVC

Panther Vision POWERCAP® Hat with 4 LED Lights on QVC. Previously recorded videos may contain expired pricing, exclusivity claims, or promotional offers. Panther Vision POWERCAP® Hat on QVC The Panther Vision POWERCAP® features four powerful LED lights, discreetly concealed within the brim of a stylish and comfortable ball cap. These caps have virtually endless applications at home, work, on the go or anywhere you need bright lighting with hands-free operation. Perform delicate tasks with two hands, see where you’re going at night or take the strain off your eyes with enough light to read during any time of day. These patented hats are one size fits most and are available in several attractive colors, including a genuine Realtree™ camouflage pattern perfect for hunting or fishing. High-Tech LED Lighting in the Brim of a Hat These ballcaps feature four extra-bright LED lights in a unique configuration built right into the Read More

ABC World News NOW host discusses LED Flateye Flashlights

ABC World News NOW on Flateye Flashlights

ABC World News NOW discussing the latest “Gadgets to Simplify Your Life!” including Panther Vision’s new LED Waterproof & Shockproof Flashlights. Previously recorded videos may contain expired pricing, exclusivity claims, or promotional offers.

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