Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems

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Ensuring workplace safety and clear vision at the same time can be a difficult task depending on your settings and functions. With our safety-lighted glasses, you can protect your eyes during any project that involves sparks, liquids or any other hazardous material while seeing into every necessary nook and cranny. Our safety specs feature ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated, impact-resistant lenses to handle plenty of punishment on the job. We also prioritize comfort, and we construct these LIGHTSPECS® with carefully designed, ergonomic frames that wrap around the face for good coverage. You can wear the Vindicator series for extended periods without becoming sore or itchy. The built-in lighting shines at 32 lumens. We even offer the Predator series for people who love the thrill of outdoor activities, as they come in a convincing camo finish that will blend into the rest of your attire. You can protect your eyes from mishaps during fishing and hunting while having the added light to perform tasks when the circumstances call for precision.

Don’t let the darkness hinder you any longer. Panther Vision remains committed to seeing you through the dark times, as we’ve developed our LIGHTSPECS® technologies for years to suit many types of people from all walks of life.

Panther Vision specializes in uncommon solutions for common problems. Our patented designs bring customers unparalleled performance, and each of our lighted safety glasses is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It’s time to see the world from a brighter perspective, so place your order for LIGHTSPECS® today!