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Reading Glasses With Lights Built In

It can be hard enough to admit when it’s time to get reading glasses, but poor lighting can render them useless in certain circumstances. At Panther Vision, we decided that these kinds of dilemmas were worth pursuing as part of our illumination revolution, which is why we’ve implemented our ultra-bright LED technology into ordinary eyeglasses.

If you need reading glasses with lights built in, you won’t find a better example of quality than our patented LIGHTSPECS®.

Why Use Our Reading Glasses With Lights?

Have you ever found yourself in bed or at a dimly lit restaurant, and you’ve struggled to read something without squinting heavily or changing position to get better lighting?

These are all frustrating problems, and they’re ones you cannot quickly solve without drawing unnecessary attention. After all, who wants to hold a flashlight or use a smartphone for the necessary brightness?

Our LIGHTSPECS® aim to provide a catch-all solution no matter where you are. They create a soft, encompassing light that easily brightens your view, without acting as a beacon for the surrounding crowds. Not only can you use LED-lighted reading glasses for a quick look through a book or menu, but you can also use them for intimate hobbies that require the best possible vision. Popular applications include sewing, jewelry-making and more.

These glasses also perform in emergency situations, like power outages and quick searches through a drawer or purse.

Of course, you can use them at work if necessary, too. Whether it’s an office job or a hands-on one, such as a mechanic, you can benefit from the hands-free lighting. You won’t have to worry about switching your hands between a light and various tools, which allows you to keep your efficiency at its maximal apex. You can rely on LIGHTSPECS® to provide the coverage you need.

Features of Our LED-Lighted Reading Glasses

Our reading glasses with lights combine a range of features to meet a delicate balance between functionality, comfort and appeal.

Depending on the model that you choose, your glasses can operate off of replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones. The former option takes four small cells, which provide up to 50 hours of power and 12 to 32 lumens of light.

Rechargeable glasses offer an enhanced convenience factor, all while still delivering 12 lumens. We’ll even provide you with the charger to keep them adequately juiced up.

The frames are durable, yet light, as a polycarbonate material increases integrity while allowing them to sit lightly on the nose and ears. You can even customize their look to fit your desired style — you’ll have more than 10 different color options to choose from.

You won’t need to worry about securing your glasses either when you’re not using them. Your order will include a carrying case for enhanced protection.

Panther Vision Will Offer the Best Lighted Reading Glasses

If you’re tired of the darkness continually getting the upper hand on your vision, we will gladly assist you in your battle. If you want a pair of LED-lighted reading glasses from Panther Vision, contact us today with any questions or concerns.