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POWERCAP® Hat With Built In Lights

More often than not, the sunset signals the end of outdoor activities. When it drops below the horizon, we’re forced to pack up and head inside for the night, or else be left fumbling for light.

Sometimes, though, the night calls to us, and we can’t just abandon the task at hand. Always feel prepared for the dark with Panther Vision’s patented POWERCAP®. Our lighted hats combine an array of sleek designs with bright LED technology and a dependable power supply to keep your path illuminated while allowing you free use of your hands.

We believe in finding uncommon solutions to common problems™, and our lighted caps fit comfortably into that mantra. Find men’s and women’s lights hats by browsing our website.

How Can You Use Our Lighted Hat?

We’ve designed our flashlight hats to provide a bevy of unique benefits, including comfort, hands-free usage and convenience — caps are common accessories you can easily bring anywhere, which you can’t always say about dedicated headlamps.

When you wear our hats, they can be for business or pleasure. Some applications include:

How to use our PowerCap

  • Maintenance and home improvement: If you’re crawling around in dark, compact spaces, it can be challenging to wedge a handheld flashlight or lantern into your already-cramped work area. You can eliminate that issue instantly with a lighted cap, which allows you to have one hand on your tools and the other free to grab accessories or hold parts in place. These same reasons also make them useful for automotive care, when visibility of the undercarriage isn’t always clear.
  • Outdoor recreational activities: Whether it’s at dawn, dusk or in the middle of the night, operating in dark conditions can present hazards. Our hats illuminate the space beneath the bill and in front of it, which offers full coverage wherever you go. Some applications include camping, hiking, dog walking, grilling or even walking your dog at night.
  • Athletics: Whether you’re running, hiking or walking, you need to see where you’re going. If you can’t, one bad fall can put you in a precarious position. Our hats not only provide illumination, but they also block out harsh sunlight when used during the day.

Types of Lighted Caps

Our customers have a range of interests and occupations, and we aim to provide top-tier service to them all. Our catalog carries different styles to suit your needs, as our options include:

  • LED Hunting caps: You’ll find bright blaze orange in our selection, designed to ensure other hunters notice you. We also carry various top licensed camouflage patterns including Real Tree, Mossy Oak and True Timber available in many styles & patterns, including Real Tree AP pink.
  • LED Beanies and fleece caps: Keep your head warm with our compression fleece beanies and heavy caps with fleece earflaps. They are ideal for work, general use or hunting due to their multiple colors,designs and licensed camo such as Real Tree, Mossy Oak & True Timber.
  • LED Visors: Some people love the added ventilation that visors offer over caps during hot days and exercise sessions. If your outdoor endeavors extend into the evening time, you’ll be prepared for the situation while keeping your head cool.
  • LED Safety hats: Remaining visible in work environments is crucial, especially if it involves heavy equipment. We offer ANSI rated neon yellow and orange reflective coatings that create an unmistakable gleam.

Upgrade and Ditch Your Old Headlamp

Traditional headlamps can be bulky and clumsy. Sometimes they’re uncomfortable and hard to keep on when you’re moving around. It’s time to ditch your old headlamp and upgrade to a POWERCAP® lighted hat that offers you the best of functionality, style and convenience.

Our catalog of POWERCAP® hats includes various styles for year-round, everyday use, including simple visors and baseball caps for warmer seasons and beanies and fleece caps to keep your head warm in the winter. Each hat is comfortable enough to wear anytime and ready at a moment’s notice to provide the light you need to take on any project.

When not in use, your LED hat lights are a subtle part of your otherwise stylish hat, blending into the visor or brim, depending on the style you choose.

Take On Any Task, Any Time of Day

How many times have you said something would have to wait until morning because you ran out of sunlight? Have you had to fumble with a flashlight or dance around shadows to get an early start before the sun came up?

With POWERCAP® lighted headgear, you can get work done wherever the sun is. You can keep working after the sun has set or start as early as you want, well before the sun rises over the horizon. Take control of your own light and accomplish tasks according to your schedule, not according to the sun.

When you use POWERCAP® flashlight hats to illuminate your tasks, you add more hours to your day. You’re free to work at any time of day. Head out for a late-night jog or set up in the early hours of the morning for a day of hunting or fishing with ease.


Illuminate Your Life With a Lighted Hat

At Panther Vision, our goal is to find innovative solutions to everyday problems. We lead active lifestyles and understand how important it is to light up your life and make the most of your time, regardless of the sun’s position in the sky. That’s why we’re working every day to create new solutions and industry-leading products.

We aim to provide comprehensive, responsive service to all of our customers. If you need a lighted baseball cap, lighted beanie, a solar LED hat or another hat with light to use in your everyday life, shop online or contact us today to speak with a representative.