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Camo Lighting Products

For outdoors enthusiasts, camouflage print is perfect for any occasion. Maybe you enjoy hunting or simply want to blend in with your surroundings to get a closer look at wildlife. Whatever your reason for wearing camo, know that you can complete your look with Panther Vision camo lighted hats.

Our products are ideal for the fans of the great outdoors. Use our camo hats with lights to see in the dark year-round. We manufacture products to make your life easier, including a wide collection of traditional caps and fleece beanies with powerful LEDs.

A Variety of Camo Hats With Lights for Sale

Panther Vision understands that everyone has a unique style. Our camo hats with built in lights enable you to explore the backcountry or handle small tools when you're in the wilderness. Choose between traditional ball cap products that block sunlight and warm fleece styles that help you stay warm in the heart of winter.

Review the information below to learn more about Panther Vision camo hats with LED technology:

  • POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats: These caps have multiple LED lights placed within the brim and produce 48 to 60 lumens, depending on the style. These products feature cotton and polyester materials for a breathable fit.
  • POWERCAP® 2.0 LED Headlamp Hats: Traditional ball caps with LEDs that are 50% brighter than the standard POWERCAP® and cast upwards of 75 lumens across three different light settings. Most styles run on AAA batteries.
  • POWERCAP® LED Camo Headlamp Beanies: Rely on three to four LED lights to see several meters in front of you. Our camo beanie hats with built-in lights run on rechargeable batteries, and styles are appropriate for cold-weather use.
  • POWERCAP® 3.0 LED Camo Headlamp Beanies: Our new POWERCAP 3.0 rechargeable beanie comes in two different camo options Mossy Oak DNA and Real Tree Edge. These camo rechargeable beanies have 3 light output options and will stay charged between 4 to 10.5 hours.

Best Uses of Camo Hats With Lights From Panther Vision

The sky is the limit when you buy a camo hat with LED lights. Click on a specific listing to see illumination specs, material details and fitment information. At minimum, camo POWERCAP® accessories will last 12 continuous hours before you have to charge or replace the batteries. Some of our most impressive products will illuminate for 294 hours on AA batteries.

Use camo POWERCAP® styles for camping, fishing, hunting, boating, biking, walking at night or working in the garage. Our one-size-fits-all solutions are perfect for men and women, and you can adjust ball cap styles for maximum comfort. Panther Vision camo accessories are the items you'll always want in your backpack when heading on an outdoor adventure.

The Perfect Hands-Free Lighting Accessories

Panther Vision camo lighted hats let you see far into the distance. Standard cap and beanie listings illuminate 22 meters in front of you on the highest brightness setting. Exterior lights stay at a fixed position, so you don't have to worry about adjusting the angle of the LEDs.

Take your POWERCAP® accessory with you for work and leisure activities. Our offerings are hand-washable using mild detergents.

Purchase Camo Lighting Products From Panther Vision Now

Panther Vision develops the latest and brightest technology for consumers. All of our hands-free lighting solutions will exceed your expectations for comfort. Additionally, your items are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, meaning we support our POWERCAP® accessories with more than just words.

Order our camo hats with built in lights today. Please contact Panther Vision if you have any questions about our products.