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Hunting Hats With Lights

For dedicated hunters, the time of day often doesn’t mean much when you’re pursuing your prized prey.

From the break of dawn to the fall of dusk, patient hunters will endure all kinds of conditions until they can take their shot. That said, it’s essential to maintain your visibility when you’re deep in the woods, especially if you’re alone. You’re likely over-encumbered as is, so you don’t want to add a bulky flashlight into the mix.

Panther Vision is here to provide an uncommon solution to a common problem™, as we create hunting hats with lights built into the brim. No beast is a match for you, and soon, no dark forest will be, either.

Why Use Our Hunting Hat With Lights?

Hunting headwear is often a vital wardrobe piece for hunting excursions, regardless of the hunting season. You look to prevent the sun from obscuring your line of sight, or, if it’s the wintertime, hats keep your head warm. On top of that, camo hats can add to your camouflage or serve as your legally required piece of reflective orange clothing, which will alert your presence to fellow hunters.

Our blaze orange hunting hat with lights will accomplish all of these tasks and more.

Anyone who has suited up for a hunt understands it’s no easy endeavor. You need to pack away a host of accessories, and you’ll need to carry your weapon of choice — whether it be a gun or bow. That’s not even counting your kill, which adds more to your load.

When the sun sets, you’ll likely be missing an available hand to hold a flashlight. Your hat, however, will use our ultra-bright LED technology to light your way, so you can avoid the hidden pitfalls of the forest floor, like roots, rocks and divets.

Features of Our Men’s Hat With Built-In Lights

We’ve implemented four LED lights into the brim to illuminate your way. One set of these lights point directly out in front of you, while the other two emit their beams straight down toward your feet. The lights produce 48 lumens, which easily match standard headlamps without the clunkiness.

We also offer technology special to our hunting caps. You can select from models that carry green floodlights for night-vision capabilities. You can also choose models that produce between 43 and 68 hours of light. The hats receive power from four 3-volt batteries, which sit unobtrusively in the rim.

Our outdoor caps are available in a wide range of styles and colors to suit your needs. Choose from many kinds of camo, including pink, as well as orange. You can select from mesh-backed hats to help keep your head cool during the spring and summer months, or you can grab a winter fleece with built-in ear flaps to withstand the brisk fall and winter days.

Many of our hats feature an adjustable Velcro strap, too, which means you’ll be able to wear your hunting cap all day without getting uncomfortable.

Navigate the Forest With Ease Using our Duck Hunting Hat

Hunting before dawn or after sunset lets you hide from your prey easily and target animals when they are most active, but the lack of light can make certain tasks more challenging. You may stumble while navigating the terrain or struggle to track down injured targets that escape into the darkness.

Traditional flashlights can light your way, but they leave you with one occupied hand and one for other tasks. It can be challenging to juggle your tools and set up for a shot when the time comes.

The innovative, powerful lighted hunting hats from Panther Vision let you see in the distance to spot prey and navigate the forest like an experienced nocturnal predator. With hands-free lighting, you’ve always got both hands for whatever you need, from tracking blood to loading and firing your gun.

Lighted Hunting Hats — A Safety Essential

Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced hunter, you know the dangers you face when hunting. You’re often deep in the woods, up in tree stands, battling the elements, loading your weapons and laser-focused on your pray. When you don’t have adequate light, all of these activities become more dangerous. Your eyes strain against the darkness as you fumble through every tasks and struggle to see your workspace.

With LED hunting hats, you can illuminate your workspace with the flip of a switch, providing enough light for you to complete any task quickly and safely. No more using flashlights or squinting to see what you’re working on. Our lighted hunting hats help make you more visible to fellow hunters by creating a signal light that stands out in the forest.

Spend More Time Doing What You Love

When you love hunting, you want to spend as much time as possible out in the woods tracking down prey. If you’re dependant on sunlight, your hunting time is confined to daylight hours. Take control and add more hours to your day with your own light from a light-up POWERCAP® hunting hat from Panther Vision.

Dawn to dusk becomes a thing of the past when you have a reliable light source. You can set up in the wee hours of the morning and hunt well into the night or take a night shift starting later in the evening — the choice is yours with a flashlight hunting cap.

Panther Vision Offers the Best Hunting Hats With Lights

Ensure your next hunt is a successful one, as Panther Vision will outfit you to fill your lighting needs. Contact us today if you have any questions related to our hunting hats with lights.