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Women’s Lighted Hats

Most women don’t differ that much from their male counterparts. When it comes down to it, you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, tie your hair back and sport a hat to help you through your outdoor activities. Caps can actually hold added significance for women, as they’re often vital pieces for keeping long hair and bangs adequately contained.

When your endeavors take you late into the evening, and you’re not willing to cease operations, Panther Vision will help you to continue your work. We offer a wide range of lighted hats for women, so you can find the perfect fit for whatever you’re doing.

Why Use Our Women’s Lighted Hat?

Our lighted hats can illuminate practically any activity that takes place outdoors. Not only will a clean-cut brim protect your eyes from harsh sunlight and other weather conditions, but you can maximize the hat’s value when it turns dark thanks to its built-in lighting system.

If you’ve dedicated your Saturday to tending your garden, running the trail or cleaning the attic, your hat will keep you going from dawn to dusk and beyond. We even offer variations that increase your safety, either on the job or when hunting or fishing.

Features of Our Lighted Hats for Women

All of our hats set themselves apart from typical caps thanks to their patented four-LED light system. The two sets of lights sit in two different positions: One light set points its beams straight ahead for long-term vision, while the other set aims downward to provide vision directly at your feet.

Overall, you’ll receive 48 lumens of light that can shine up to 13 meters ahead, which is plenty of power to see without being overly intrusive to others. Our hats hold four 3-volt batteries, which sit unobtrusively in the rim to produce enough power for 43 to 68 hours of light, depending on the model.

Our models contain a variety of different performance materials, including polyester, cotton, cotton canvas, nylon and cotton-polyester blends. You can select from a range of different running hats, which feature multiple panels and an absorbent sweatband to keep sweat out of your eyes. We also offer visors if you don’t want your whole head covered.If you need a warm winter cap, we manufacture our beanies using a hardy microfleece that fits your head snuggly and contains your body heat.

We also design our options with aesthetics in mind. Many of our lighted hats carry different color and style customizations, which means you will receive the performance you want while looking good the whole time. If you’re a huntress, for instance, choose from different shades of camo (including pink) to blend in with your surroundings.

Panther Vision Will Give You the Best Women’s Lighted Hat

Regardless of the task-at-hand, Panther Vision will give you the necessary resources to succeed. Contact us today, and we’ll address any concerns or questions you might have regarding our lighted hats for women.