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FLATEYE™ F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip


  • FLATEYE Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Clips
  • Designed for Available for: F-700 (Model #: FL-7172)
  • Attaches to FLATEYE using the waterproof plugs providing a strong & sturdy clip
  • Designed to be able to carry the FLATEYE on your belt, shoulder, in your pocket or any other position you need
  • Engineered to exacting standards and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum to match the construction of our FLATEYE flashlights
  • Guaranteed & Backed by the Panther Vision FLATEYE Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Stay ready for anything and always have your favorite Panther Vision LED FLATEYE flashlight close by with help from the FLATEYE F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip. With the Flashlight Tactical Clip, you can easily stash your FLATEYE F-700 flashlight and grab it when you need it most.

With discreet waterproof plugs installed into the base of the flashlight, you can easily clip the F-700 onto your belt, shoulder, pocket or other positions while you’re finishing tasks, on your next hunting or fishing trip and for camping and hiking excursions. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing standards and quality, the FLATEYE F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip can even be equipped for extreme tactical use for fire, police and emergency response jobs.

Panther Vision — Redefining Design and Manufacturing Excellence

Like our collection of FLATEYE LED flashlights, our tactical clip accessories are designed and manufactured according to strict and exact industry standards using the highest quality materials available to ensure long-term durability, dependability and effectiveness. The F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip is created using aircraft-grade aluminum materials. The style of our tactical clips is slim and easy to install and handle, making your F-700 FLATEYE LED flashlight easy to hold, stash in pockets or carry.

Light up the Night With Help From the FLATEYE F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip

Every LED lighting device and accessory from Panther Vision is specially designed and created to keep up with your most demanding environments and tasks with ease, providing dependable, heavy-duty support and assistance. The F-700 FLATEYE Flashlight Tactical Clip is designed to seamlessly provide a strong, sturdy hold onto the base of the flashlight, providing users with accessible LED lighting.

Meeting Your Greatest Needs and Expectations — Order Your New F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip Today

When you need versatile, convenient and reliable LED lighting solutions that you can confidently take anywhere, check out the variety of ultra-powerful LED flashlights and tactical clip accessories available at Panther Vision — order your new FLATEYE F-700 Flashlight Tactical Clip today and enjoy free shipping on your purchase!