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ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers

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  • ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers provide convenient, lightweight, lighted magnification (1.50 diopter)
  • Easily fits in a wallet or purse to provide LED light no matter where you are
  • Lightweight & sits at the end of your nose for ultra-bright LED lighting
  • Provide 12 lumens of light with a battery life of up to 50 hours (battery included)
  • Polycarbonate frame & lenses
  • Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Limited Lifetime Warranty
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While your eyesight might remain acceptable most of the time, you might need a little extra assistance with reading the fine print in dimly lit areas.

Instead of breaking out your smartphone’s flashlight, which is often overly bright and distracting for other people, you can opt for one of Panther Vision’s unique innovations. The ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers provide you with a mighty little companion to help make sense of smaller writing when it’s darker than usual.

These wallet readers, which have a magnification level of 1.5, miniaturize standard reading glasses to form a convenient option you can pull out and use within seconds, reducing strain and hassle on your part. It all revolves around the ultra-bright LED located within the center of the readers, where it shines a healthy 12 lumens without being too noticeable or distracting.

The battery is nonreplaceable, but these handy tools can produce up to 50 hours of life before dying. When utilized in quick and casual situations, you should get plenty of uses from these mini frames.

Use them to look at the smaller text on a restaurant menu or sneak a peek at a map while walking around an unfamiliar area. You could even read a book while in bed without alerting your partner.

Weighing just 0.71 oz. and measuring a few inches across, these readers will fit in any wallet or pouch without bulking it up too much. We also include a carrying case for better organization and protection.

Both the frame and lenses are built from durable polycarbonate to resist gradual wear and tear. The material creates a more comfortable fit that won’t irritate your nose too much.

Read through any text in any level of light with a set of Panther Vision’s ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers.

1 review for ITZY BITZY Lighted Wallet Readers

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    I have a half-dozen Panther Vision products (including two Flateyes) but the Itzy is likely the most unique product in the marketplace. I got mine yesterday and used it at a restaurant this evening. Other than the need to ignore my wife’s giggles, it was great! I keep my regular glasses in a hard case to protect them from accidental damage and the lump in my pants pocket is really annoying. I kept the Itzy in my shirt pocket where it’s out of the way yet convenient. I wouldn’t want to use it for lengthy book reading but, for restaurant menus, it’s unbeatable.

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