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Bring light with you everywhere you go. LIGHTSPECS hard case is the perfect companion to your Original or LP LIGHTSPECS. This sturdy, stylish hard case will protect your LIGHTSPECS LED Lighted Reading Glasses when you’re not using them and even includes a storage space for extra CR-1632 batteries.

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When you need a reliable, high-performance tool to take out on rugged sea waters or your favorite local fishing hole, check out Panther Vision’s Marlin LED Lighted Visor for optimal lighting performance. Order your new lighted visor today to receive free shipping on your order.

The LIGHTSPECS Glass Case from Panther Vision will help take the edge off when you travel with your favorite pair of glasses — with its hard shell outer casing and soft inner lining, this glass case can effectively protect your original or LP LIGHTSPECS lighted frames while you’re out and about, taking the blows of everyday use to keep your eyeglasses in pristine condition.

Safe and Sound With the LIGHTSPECS Glass Case

Donning the LIGHTSPECS lighted eyeglasses, you can finally make out that tiny print in your new bestseller, see clearly into that dark crevice beneath the hood of your car and have better clarity while performing necessary everyday tasks. But don’t just leave your LIGHTSPECS lying around anywhere or cram them loosely into your purse or pack, risking them becoming broken or scratched. Better protect your lighted eyeglasses and reading glasses with the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS Glass Case.

Easily and conveniently transport your glasses from point A to point B in this slender, easy-to-use hinged eyeglass case. This case was designed specifically to store and protect original and LP LIGHTSPECS glasses — a durable and weather-resistant hard shell case and soft, plush interior lining provide protection against knocks, scratches and falls. For added convenience, this case even has extra storage space to carry backup CR1632 batteries for your LIGHTSPECS.

Take Worry out of the Equation With a New LIGHTSPECS Glass Case

Travel with confidence knowing your favorite pair of glasses is properly protected with the LIGHTSPECS Glass Case only available at Panther Vision. When you shop at Panther Vision, you can enjoy Limited Lifetime Guarantees on all of our products and free shipping on your order — check out our variety of lighted specs and accessories today!


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