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Panther Power CR927 4-Pack Batteries


  • Pack of 4 CR927 3-volt batteries
  • Panther Power premium quality lithium coin cell batteries
  • Used for Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS Lighted Reading Glasses & Safety Glasses
  • Great for replacements or additional electronics needing CR927 batteries

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If you need a reliable replacement battery for your assorted electronics, Panther Vision provides Panther Power CR927 4-Pack Batteries to match your powered needs.

You shouldn’t have to slow down for anything, and that includes when disposable batteries decide to fail at inopportune times. If you’re utilizing a Panther Vision illumination product, you need to bring your lighting back to life to continue with work, hobbies and other daily tasks.

Store these compact, lightweight batteries in a variety of locations, such as your toolbox, a drawer or the multiple compartments in your car. We developed our options of Panther Power 3-volt lithium batteries to serve as power sources for our expansive inventory, and the result is a reserve that offers an excellent blend of quantity, quality and reliability. They will last up to five years in storage without experiencing loss of charge, and they will perform in varying temperature ranges without faltering.

We created our version of the CR927 primarily for the LIGHTSPECS Night Cheaters™ Reading Glasses, which can generate up to 50 hours of light with four of these cells. A single pack serves as the perfect replacement.

While these batteries are solutions for our branded products, you can implement Panther Power into any device or electronics item that utilizes CR927 batteries or a closely similar rating. Beyond our Night Cheaters™ glasses, you can power calculators, children’s toys, watches and key fobs.

Darkness might win a battle when a product loses its strength, but you’ll win the war when using Panther Power CR927 4-Pack Batteries as your backup.


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