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Panther Power CR927 4-Pack Batteries


  • Pack of 4 CR927 3-volt batteries
  • Panther Power premium quality lithium coin cell batteries
  • Used for Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS Lighted Reading Glasses & Safety Glasses
  • Great for replacements or additional electronics needing CR927 batteries

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When adventure calls for backcountry camping, early morning hunting and fishing or twilight hiking, make sure you have everything you need to tackle the tasks ahead by bringing along a 4-pack of Panther Power CR927 batteries. Using the latest technology, Panther Vision has developed the most reliable and powerful CR927 lithium coin cell batteries on the market. Ensure your LIGHTSPECS Nightcheater lighted eyeglasses never lose power by keeping a 4-pack of Panther Power CR927 batteries close by.

Powerful Energy in a Convenient Package

Compact with a heavy-duty design, Panther Vision’s CR927 lithium coin batteries are ready to power your favorite pair of LIGHTSPECS or other household items like calculators, children’s toys, watches and key fobs.

The Panther Power CR927 3-volt lithium batteries are your best source for go-to energy, and in their convenient, lightweight and compact packaging, you can easily take these replacement batteries anywhere, storing them in vehicle compartments or recreational vehicles, emergency kits, toolboxes and multi-purpose drawers around your home for easy and quick battery replacement. Our CR927 4-pack batteries can last up to five years in storage without losing charge.

Stay Ready for Anything With a 4-Pack of Backup Batteries From Panther Vision

At Panther Vision, we crave that next outdoor activity and understand the hassle and inconvenience of having effective, powerful lighting equipment that’s just run out of energy right after you set out. You can’t risk having to complete tasks in the dark, and that’s why our team has developed the accessible and compatible 4-pack of Panther Power CR927 batteries. Each of our replacement CR927 lithium batteries produces 3 volts of power for up to 50 hours before needing replacement.

Be prepared for the challenges ahead with a CR927 lithium battery 4-pack available only at Panther Vision. When you order all of your LED lighting devices and accessories from Panther Vision, you can even enjoy free shipping on your purchase!


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