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Panther Vision LED Cold Weather Running Combo Package


  • Panther Vision’s New Exclusive Bundle – 20% Combo Value – Package Includes:
  • 1 POWERCAP 35/55 Fleece LED Beanie Hat – Purple
  • 1 FLATEYE Rechargeable FR-250 Flashlight – 250 Lumens
  • 1 GUMBI-Lamp LED Headlamp – USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp – Anti-Slip Silicone – Black
  • All Included Items Are IPX4 Water Resistant & Shockproof up to 1m
  • Ideal for jogging, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, auto repair and home improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting
  • All Included Items Are Backed By Panther Vision Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Panther Vision LED Cold Weather Running Package:

1 POWERCAP 35/55 Fleece LED Lighted Beanie – Purple

Warm, soft and lightweight performance fleece with dual-action LED lights makes the POWERCAP® Fleece LED Lighted Beanie a great companion for everything from wintertime hunting, fishing and camping to everyday use like clearing snow from the driveway. This down-to-earth, comfortable beanie design helps protect against winds and chill better than your average winter cap, and its ultra-bright LEDs offer versatile up-close and distance viewing, making this fleece LED Lighted Beanie the perfect fit no matter how you plan to use it.

Lighted LED Hat Features

Our rechargeable LED caps feature three light output and visibility distance settings:

  • LED Output: 48 Lumens
  • Battery Life: 68 Hours
  • Visibility Distance: 22 Meters

1 FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-250 Flashlight – 250 Lumens

Panther Vision’s newest 250 lumen LED FLATEYE flashlight encased in a patented UNROUND ergonomic grip, making it incredibly easy to hold, fit in your pocket and the perfect flashlight for all your everyday needs. FLATEYE flashlights are purposely engineered to exacting standards and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and tactical polymer for lasting durability.

FLATEYE FR-250 Features

Our rechargeable LED FLATEYE feature three light output and visibility distance settings:

  • High: 250 lumens, reaches 27 meters and lasts for 6 hours.
  • Medium: 125 lumens, reaches 20 meters and lasts for 13 hours.
  • Low: 10 lumens, reaches 4 meters and lasts for up to 90 hours.

1 GUMBI-Lamp LED Headlamp – USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp – Black

Panther Vision’s New Innovative LED Headlamp – Rechargeable LED – Anti-Slip Silicon Design – Small, Lightweight & Powerful LED Lighting. ANTI-SLIP SILICONE: High quality silicone designed for abrasion and heat resistance available in transparent silicone or black silicone. ADJUSTABLE STRAP: Can be adjusted to any size, odorless design that will not absorb smell and will not lose elasticity.

GUMBI-Lamp LED Headlamp Features

The GUMBI-Lamp Rechargeable LED Headlamp does it all. You can turn on the LED lights with a switch on the brim of the cap for easy access and hands-free use

  • RECHARGE TIME: 6 Hours and 30 Minutes to full charge for optimum use – Compatible with Cell Phone Wall Chargers, USB Power Banks & USB Computer Ports
  • VISIBILITY DISTANCE: High: 15m – Medium: 10m – Low: 8m – Lighting where you look, the Silicon design wont budge in the toughest conditions or in the event of rain or water
  • BATTERY LIFE: High: 4 Hours – Medium: 5.4 hours – Low: 10.5 Hours – Convenient size & Lightweight – The GUMBI Headlamp is ready for any adventure