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POWER Bundle POWERCAP 3.0 LED Lighted Hat + FLATEYE Flashlight Lantern FRL-2100


  • Introducing the POWER Bundle – Includes a POWERCAP 3.0 Cap and our FLATEYE flashlight lantern combo! – 20% OFF
  • Revolutionary UNROUND design featuring our ergonomic grip — easy to grip, fit, store & utilize for any expedition into the dark
  • RECHARGEABLE: Includes attached USB cable under the bottom end cap, allowing for charging on any adventure
  • Flashlight adjustable LED light output: High: 2175 Lumens/Med: 1330 Lumens/Low: 72 Lumens
  • POWERCAP’s New Lighting Technology – 3. 0 Series Headlamp Lighting – Rechargeable LED!
  • 3 LED light output settings: High: 70 Lumens – Medium: 35 Lumens – Low: 15 Lumens
  • Ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, auto repair, and home improvement!
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Introducing Panther Vision’s POWERCAP New 3. 0 Rechargeable Series Lighting Technology. Improved rechargeable battery functionality, powered by a Micro-USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery that is compatible with cell phone wall chargers, USB power banks and USB computer ports. The POWERCAP HLCR 3. 0 includes 1 LED with a light output of 80 lumens, also equipped in this cap is a lighting module that allows for 3 lighting settings: High (80 Lumens), Medium (35 Lumens) & Low (15 Lumens). LED Visibility of up to 15m (45 ft.) on the high setting, 10m (32 ft.) on the medium setting and 8m (26 ft.) on the low setting. IPX4 Waterproof & washable design intended for long lasting use that is easy to use. The POWERCAP Hat is comfortable, easy to use and ideal for Jogging, Biking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Auto Repair and Home Improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting. Don’t ever let the lack of light get in your way again light your way with Panther Vision’s POWERCAP 3.0.

Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors or working on a project at home, the POWERCAP® 3.0 Series Rechargeable Hat from Panther Vision provides the lighting you need. Putting up with poor visibility and cumbersome headlamps are a thing of the past thanks to our innovative lighting technology. Get our comfortable, hands-free lighted cap and tackle your next adventure.

Lighted LED Hat Features

Whether you’re working indoors or outdoors, having the right light output from a flashlight headlamp is important. When you have an inadequate light source, productivity and safety can diminish regardless of the activity, project or repair. You need a headlamp that will deliver consistent light output and visibility, especially in tough conditions like low sunlight or rainy weather.

To provide you with the right light dispersion, the 3.0 cap headlamp relies on LED lighting. You’ll be able to see farther and more clearly than you would with a traditional headlamp or flashlight. Because different situations require different lighting, this headlamp comes with three separate light modes, each with different lumens.

Switching between these LED light output settings is simple. Just push a button and make your lighting changes quickly and easily. The light mode setting you choose will also have an impact on the distance you can see.

Our rechargeable LED caps feature three light output and visibility distance settings:

  • High: 70 lumens, reaches 15 meters and lasts for 4 hours.
  • Medium: 35 lumens, reaches 10 meters and lasts for 5.4 hours.
  • Low: 15 lumens, reaches 8 meters and lasts for up to 10 hours.

This is not your Granddad’s flashlight. These bad boys come with a patented UNROUND pistol grip; design, which makes them incredibly easy to hold, fit in your pocket, and the perfect flashlight for all your everyday needs. They are purposely engineered to exacting standards and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and tactical polymer for lasting durability. They are waterproof and feature shockproof Cree LED’s for unsurpassed performance. With a choice of 8 models ranging from 310 lumens to 2175 lumens, in both battery-operated or rechargeable versions with high, medium and low settings, you can get the right light and battery life for your every need. Join the UNROUND revolution and never see flashlights the same again.

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