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POWERCAP 2.0 Mossy Oak Elements Fishing LED Lighted Headlamp Hats


  • POWERCAP’s New Lighting Technology – 2.0 Series Headlamp Lighting – 50% Brighter LED!
  • Includes 1 LED with a light output of 75 Lumens powered by 2 AAA batteries (included & replaceable)
  • 3 lighting settings: high (75 Lumens), medium (30 lumens) & Low (15 Lumens)
  • Visibility of up to 14M (45 ft. ) with battery life lasting up to 12. 5 hours
  • IPX4 water resistant & washable design intended for long lasting use, comfortable & easy to use
  • Ideal for jogging, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, auto repair and home improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting
  • Guaranteed and Backed by the Panther Vision POWERCAP Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Whether you’re reeling in a massive trophy catch or you just heading out to your camping expedition, you shouldn’t let poor lighting conditions or inclement weather slow you down. For ultimate lighting performance, convenience and dependability, we combined our successful patented ultra-bright LED hands-free technology with our trucker design and mesh materials to ensure better results while tracking and trekking through forested areas.

If you find yourself shrouded in darkness and unable to efficiently or successfully complete tasks or navigate your surroundings, click on the light switch located under the brim of the hat to quickly activate the 75 Lumen LED light. Our new 2.0 lighting provides a flood light for both up-close sightand to spot things far away. The 75 lumens of light are aimed forward for distance viewing of up to 14 meters.

With reliable and effective AAA batteries, you can rely on the most advanced hands-free lighting solution available — the POWERCAP® 2.0 Mossy Oak Elements Fishing LED Lighted Hat — for up to 12.5 hours.

Discover Easy Illumination With POWERCAP® 2.0 Structured Fishing Lighted Hats

Panther Vision’s POWERCAPS® are the most trusted hands-free fishing caps for outdoorsmen and hobbyists. Some of the key benefits of these outdoor hats include:

  • Comfortable premium design with licensed Mossy Oak Elements Aqua patterns
  • Easily fitted baseball cap style using a two-piece adjustable velcro strap
  • Lightweight design topping off at 4.2 oz. to reduce aches and pain
  • Superior light output reaching 75 lumens and lasting up to 12.5 hours of battery life
  • 2.0 POWERCAPs now work with rechargeable AAA batteries!
  • Exceptional performance expectations backed by Panther Vision’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Don’t ever let a lack of appropriate lighting keep you from appreciating your favorite outdoor activities. Illuminate previously undiscovered paths with help from Panther Vision’s Mossy Oak Fishing Hat. Order yours today!