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POWERCAP 25/75 Marlin LED Lighted Visors


POWERCAP LED Lighted Hats Combine Patented Ultra Bright LED technology with premium Visors with debossed design to provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight. The 4 LED’s provide more than 48 Lumens and are concealed under the brim so the hat looks just like any other hat until you need to turn them on. When you do click the easy on/off switch under the brim, you’ll notice that 2-3mm wide angle LED’s are angled down at 25 degrees to light up where your hands are for close up tasks, while 2-5mm narrow angle LED’s are aimed forward to light the distance up to 72 feet away. 4 CR2032 Coin Cell batteries are hidden in the sweatband, provide up to 68 hours of life and are easily replaceable.

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Closure: 2 piece Velcro strap
  • # of LED’s: 4
  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • Light Output: 48 Lumens
  • Battery type: CR2032
  • Battery Quantity: 4
  • Battery Life: Up to 68 Hours
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Flood those mysterious dark waters and unexplored depths below with powerful lighting from Panther Vision’s POWERCAP 25/75 Marlin LED Lighted Visor. When you first glance at our Marlin LED lighted visor, you may think it’s similar to any ordinary fishing visor accessory, with the exception of its eye-catching deposed marlin design. On closer inspection, you’ll find that this visor is more than just a headwear accessory aimed at keeping blazing rays and salt spray out of your eyes — expertly concealed in the brim is a set of ultra-bright and effective LED light bulbs.

Become the Most Powerful Angler With the POWERCAP 25/75 Marlin Lighted Visor

Last time you set sail in the early morning, did poor lighting and inconvenient, clunky flashlights prevent you from quickly untangling fishing lines, baiting hooks and setting up your lines, making you let that brilliant trophy catch slip away? With Panther Vision’s POWERCAP 25/75 Marlin LED Lighted Visor, you can streamline your fishing tasks with revolutionary, reliable hands-free lighting.

Reel in That Fish of Legend With Panther Vision’s LED Lighting Solutions

With 48 lumens of light evenly dispersed and produced by four LED bulbs discreetly installed in the brim, the POWERCAP 25/75 Marlin LED Lighted Visor will provide you and your fishing companions with a brightly lit field of sight and serve as a way to let other anglers know you’re out on the water.

Four LEDs will give you the appropriate illumination to complete even the most complex fishing tasks — simply click the concealed on/off switch under the brim of the visor to completely light up your surroundings. Two of the bulbs are 3 mm wide-angled lights positioned downward for easy completion of up-close tasks, and the other two 5 mm bulbs are positioned outward to cut through the darkness and provide long distance viewing up to 72 feet ahead.

Each LED lighted visor is powered with four long-lasting CR2032 coin cell lithium batteries installed discreetly in the sweatband that provide reliable lighting solutions for up to 68 hours. Once the batteries are at the end of their usable lifespan, simply replace them with a set of Panther Vision replacement CR2032 batteries.

Navigate Unexplored Waters With Confidence Using the POWERCAP 25/75 Marlin LED Lighted Visor

When you need a reliable, high-performance tool to take out on rugged sea waters or your favorite local fishing hole, check out Panther Vision’s Marlin LED Lighted Visor for optimal lighting performance. Order your new lighted visor today to receive free shipping on your order.


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