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POWERCAP EXP 200 Headlamp Winter Fleece LED Lighted Hats

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Even when the temperatures outside are frightful you shouldn’t have to let the time of day or lighting situation sideline what your doing. Now this baby is no joke with a 171 Lumen headlamp built right into a cap! That’s right, its a wearable headlamp on steroids that illuminates out to 200 meters, that’s more that 2 football fields! We didn’t stop there, we’ve also given you Fleece Ear Flaps to fight off the cold and added our Patented Ultra Bright LED technology right into the bill of the hat. So, whether your working or playing in the elements this hat provides you with the perfect handsfree lighting you’ll need to keep you warm and your work or fun rolling. Now, when you click the easy on/off switch under the brim, you’ll notice it also has two 3mm LED’s on the underside of the brim for reading, working with your hands or enjoying your favorite outdoor sport, and does all this while being perfectly balanced on your head. Don’t ever let the weather or lack of light get in your way again … light your way with Panther Vision’s POWERCAP®

  • Material: 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Closure: Adjustable cord
  • # of LED’s: 5
  • Weight: 21 oz.
  • Light Output: 181 Lumens
  • Battery type: AA
  • Battery Quantity: 3
  • Battery Life: Up to 294 Hours


Don’t let shortened daylight hours, chilly temperatures and frightful wintry weather conditions keep you from getting outside. With Panther Vision’s POWERCAP® EXP 200 Headlamp Winter Fleece LED Lighted Hat, you have the flexibility and convenience of getting outside and performing outdoor projects without having to worry about the frigid temperatures or reduced lighting. Our innovative hands-free LED fleece lighted hat allows you to journey wherever you need to. It features five bright LED lamps that produce nearly 200 lumens. To turn on the LEDs, just flip the revolutionary multi-position switch. You’ll have versatile lighting solutions whether you’re frolicking in the snow or finishing a frosty task.

When you’re out on a snowy afternoon or evening, the last thing you need to worry about is having to operate a clunky, over-sized flashlight with gloved hands. Our winter fleece LED lighted hat is one of our most advanced and ingenious hands-free devices. When you click on the cap’s lights, you’ll discover:

  • Five incredibly bright LED lights, offering you optimal, versatile outdoor lighting solutions.
  • High-performance, functional lighting with two viewing options — the close-up floodlights that produce 181 lumens in the brim of the cap shine downward for up-close sight, while the headlamp is positioned outward for long distance viewing reaching up to 191 meters.
  • A multi-position switch, allowing you to fully control your lighting options with four different lighting functionality choices. One click triggers the floodlights, two clicks turn on the headlamp, three clicks turn on all the LEDs and four clicks turn off all lights.
  • An auto shut-off function that allows the LEDs to automatically turn off once it senses 15 minutes of inactivity to conserve your power.
  • Powerful AA battery operations that can produce up to 181 lumens of light for nearly 300 hours — once the batteries deplete themselves, simply switch them out for a fresh pair.

Don’t let those cold winter temperatures or inclement weather get in your way again — with Panther Vision’s POWERCAP® EXP 200 Headlamp Winter Fleece LED Lighted Hats, you can effortlessly and comfortably tackle any outdoor adventure.


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