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  • Safety Bug® Personal Strobe Light makes you visible to others from any direction up to 1/2 mile away
  • Includes 5 red ultra-bright LEDs to help draw motorist’s attention before they get too close
  • Great for bikes, hats, helmets, coats, backpacks, dog collars or just about anything you want to be visible
  • Includes magnetic, adhesive and stick pin attachment options & 1 battery (replaceable)
  • Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Many find it easy to remember powerful lighting solutions when they’re crawling throughout the basement to find the source of that odd noise or stocking the natural disaster emergency kit — but what about those other times like walking the dog at night, trekking out on an early morning hunting trip, hiking treacherous trails right when the sun dips below the horizon or stocking the roadside preparedness bags?

Those instances when you embrace adventure, boldly leaving your home without all the necessary essentials can easily get you into trouble. You need effective, dependable and powerful lighting solutions. When you go explore your surroundings, make sure to bring along the Panther Vision Safety Bug LED light as your unobtrusive and incredibly essential companion.

Don’t Be Invisible — Embrace Safe Travels With Panther Vision’s Safety Bug

Tiny but powerful, this wearable safety strobe light produces incredible illumination using five bright red LEDs to draw the attention of nearby motorists or outdoorsman, alerting others to your presence up to a half mile away. With its powerful 360-degree red LED lighting and streamlined design, the Safety Bug should earn a permanent spot in your travel and outdoor kit.

The Safety Bug is a compact size and shape — no larger than a quarter — that you can easily attach to nearly any type of vehicle, device or accessory — like bicycles, hats, helmets, coats, packs, tents and dog collars — using a magnetic cling, adhesive backing or stick pin attachment. With its durable, heavy-duty design and waterproof craftsmanship, the Panther Vision Safety Bug can offer long-term safety and peace of mind.

Best Places to Keep the Safety Bug

Rather than chance navigating the dark and being injured, embrace the illumination of the red LED Safety Bug strobe light to ensure that you’re always seen by nearby people. With its small design and ultra-bright red lighting, the Safety Bug is great to equip on hiking and camping trips, hunting and fishing excursions and nighttime and early morning walks. It can also be utilized in professional settings for tow truck drivers and emergency roadside mechanics for added safety.

Order Your Safety Bug Today

With all the effectiveness and power of larger emergency lighting in a handy, innovative design, the Safety Bug by Panther Vision is the perfect tool. Check out the Safety Bug products today at Panther Vision and enjoy free shipping on your order, plus a Lifetime Limited Warranty on our products.


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