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Utility Lights from Panther Vision

Make any Mission Possible.


Make any Mission Possible.

Panther Vision’s utility lights have thousands of uses. These gadgets will illuminate places in your home where extension cords and lamps can’t reach and will brighten your outdoor adventures, even when electricity is not an option.

utility lights


No power outlets? No problem.

Before you can fully embrace an adventure with mother nature… you need to unplug. Solar Puck’s rechargeable battery is powered by sunlight and lasts through the night.

panther vision solar puck
safety bug

Safety Bug®

This powerful little light is generating a big buzz among outdoor enthusiasts!

Stick them to bike helmets, dog collars, backpacks or anywhere else to increase visibility up to 1/2 miles away. Safety Bug’s 5 ultra-bright flashing red LED’s will help draw motorists attention to you before they get too close.


This bad boy doesn’t mess around when it comes to gettin’ the job done. The Power Clip’s super-strength magnet sticks to any steel surface and comes with an alligator clip to attach to helmets, power tools or any place you need that extra light.

panther vision power clip
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