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Utility Lights From Panther Vision®

Make any Mission Possible.


Make any Mission Possible.

Panther Vision’s utility lights have thousands of uses. These gadgets will illuminate places in your home where extension cords and lamps can’t reach and will brighten your outdoor adventures, even when electricity is not an option. All of our patented designs feature advanced LED technologies for an exceptional output and long battery life for reliable use in virtually all weather conditions.

Whether you’re heading out for a walk or taking off into the wilderness, our portable LED lights provide hours of light wherever you need to keep you safe and help you see what you’re doing. These little wonders feature easy on/off and hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to accomplish more regardless of the time of day or where life takes you.

utility lights


No power outlets? No problem.

Before you can fully embrace an adventure with mother nature… you need to unplug. The SOLAR PAC™ is your trusted sidekick for bright LED lighting on the go. These lamps are the perfect companion for early mornings on the boat, a weekend at the cabin or a camping trip far from the worries of the city — and electricity. The SOLAR PAC™ features a 1,400 milliamp rechargeable battery powered by sunlight and lasts through the night with seven solid hours of dependable use.

panther vision solar puck
safety bug


This powerful little light is generating a big buzz among outdoor enthusiasts!

Stick them to bike helmets, dog collars, backpacks or anywhere else to increase visibility up to a half mile away. The SAFETY BUG® is a versatile LED utility light you can attach with magnets, an adhesive disk or a fabric stick pin for easy wear on a jacket or safety vest. These strobe lights have five ultra-bright flashing red LED’s packed into a space the size of a quarter to help draw motorists attention to you before they get too close.


This bad boy doesn’t mess around when it comes to gettin’ the job done. The POWER CLIP™ super-strength magnet sticks to any steel surface for a firm grip or attach yours to plastic, wood or another smooth surface using the adhesive disk. For added versatility, the POWER CLIP™ comes with an alligator clip to attach to helmets, hats, clothes, power tools or any place you need that extra light. The POWER CLIP™ features two LED bulbs for a combined output of 21 lumens, enough to keep working long after dark.

panther vision power clip

Portable LED Utility Lights

Our utility lights are suited for countless uses at home, work or when you want to disconnect and leave the urban world behind. Use our durable utility lights for on-demand lighting and safety when you need it.

  • At home: Use a SOLAR PAC™ for emergency lighting during a storm, or clip a POWER CLIP™ onto your tools for working under the sink.
  • Going out: Walk the dog, go for a run or take a bicycle ride at night knowing drivers can see your SAFETY BUG® up to a half a mile away.
  • The outdoors: Our utility lights are the perfect companion for hunting, fishing and camping, with long battery life and solar capability.

Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems™

At Panther Vision, we work hard each day, finding ways to make daily life more comfortable with creative designs and advanced technologies. Getting a brighter outlook is easy with an affordable hands-free utility light suited for your purposes and made to last. Find even more unique solutions by browsing our full selection of portable LED lights, including hats, glasses, flashlights and more!