Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems


Heroes come in small packages

Seeing is Believing

This tiny but mighty light will swoop in and save the day from common lighting problems. It’s economical, about the size of a quarter, as bright as a traditional lamp and able to light corners, crevices and closets with a single switch.

Your hero has arrived.

button lamp
button lamp by panther vision

The Amazing BUTTON LAMP™

With powerful adhesive, comes quick installation. Perfect for slinging anywhere your handy-man sense is needed and to have around for emergencies, power outages, camping trips, etc.

Ultra-Bright Is Always Right

You might look at the BUTTON LAMP™ and initially think, “This thing is the size of a generic keychain light. How could it be bright?”

Panther Vision is advancing and providing technology that offers increased visibility in an array of situations. A single lamp can produce about 13 lumens of light despite being snack-sized, and its battery can power the device for up to 17 hours.

The BUTTON LAMP™ Fits Anywhere

The minuscule stature deceives not only from a power standpoint but a durability one as well. The body is shockproof and waterproof, making it perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Its strong adhesive backing allows you to apply it to wood, drywall, metal and other materials.

Additionally, its small size contributes to its overall versatility. It’ll remain discrete anywhere, which keeps the aesthetics of an area completely intact while still having a reliable light source whenever necessary.

Depend on the BUTTON LAMP™ to Perform

A unique combination of qualities makes the lamp useful in several scenarios. It’s particularly convenient for emergencies and power outages, as it will help to supplant traditional electricity and candles when you still need to ensure safety and get tasks done. Handheld flashlights are indispensable during these times, but the BUTTON LAMP™ will produce the necessary light and free up your hands to continue working efficiently.

You can place them underneath cabinets and shelves to avoid turning on the lights all the time, saving energy in the process, or you could have them in the tent with you while camping. The possibilities are endless!

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