Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems

FLATEYE™ LED Flashlights



As technology improves by leaps and bounds at a breakneck pace, flashlights tend to remain the same.

Sure, bulb types and batteries might occasionally feature slight alterations, but what about their shape or their grip? No company has decided to mount any industry-shattering revolution — until now, that is.

Panther Vision has a better, improved flashlight for your illumination needs, and it’s not a clunky, round has-been. We’ve pursued uncommon solutions to common problems™ for more than a decade now, and that journey has fittingly culminated in an unconventional, unround product: The FLATEYE™.

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What Features Does Our FLATEYE™ Flat LED Flashlight Carry?

The pinnacle of our research and experimentation is here, and we’re confident it will change your preference forever. You’ll find the following features:

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Sturdy Grip

A pistol-style, polymer grip with an unround, aircraft aluminum design fits comfortably into your hand. Round styles call for a tighter hold, which can become uncomfortable after awhile.

hyper fin cooling

Heat Dispersion

Many flashlights don’t have built-in solutions geared toward counteracting overheating issues — unless you count the legally required warning label as a solution. Our patented Hyper-Fin™ Cooling Technology disseminates excess heat from the LEDs, which decreases risk and increases comfort & LED life.

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Quad Battery Configuration

UNROUND design allows for side by side battery placement. Our FLATEYE™ allows for more power to be allocated to the LEDs, which translates to longer

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The screw-on tops of round flashlights don’t make for particularly strong seals, so water exposure can instantly doom their functionality. The FLATEYE™ is an IPX& rate flashlight that features sealed switches and plugs, allowing it to withstand more than 30 minutes under a meter of water.

Our FLATEYE™ Flat Flashlights Outclass Standard Options

In addition to the first-class characteristics mentioned above, our flat flashlights carry many other distinct advantages that clearly put them ahead of the pack:

  • Extended battery life: Round designs often only have room for one set of batteries, which severely hampers the amount of time that you can get out of them. Our design allows for two sets of cells that provide you with up to 40 hours of battery life on our highest-graded model. Even then, our smallest flashlight can generate up to 13 hours worth of light.
  • Varying brightness levels: Our flashlights, which range from 310 lumens up to 2,100 lumens, offer far superior sight lines to traditional flashlights. On the biggest model, the beam can reach 640 feet on the highest mode.
  • Convenient: Round flashlights don’t sit comfortably in your pocket, nor do they fit particularly well in cars since it’s easy for them to roll around. Our compact flat flashlights allow for

A Flashlight That Was Designed To Fit In Your Hand.

UNROUND means more surface for a better grip.

A combination of UNROUND design and tactical polymer pistol grip means the FLATEYE™ is always ready for the task at hand.

flateye flasjlight better grip
flateye flashlight has better cooling

Don’t Get Burned By Dangerously Outdated Designs.

FLATEYE™ is way cooler than other flashlights on the market…

Literally. Our patented Hyper-Fin™ Cooling Technology keeps you protected by dispersing the heat from the LED to prevent it from getting hot. Round flashlights try to protect you by including a warning label.

With UNROUND, You Only Gain.

We’re still waterproof, not just water resistant. The UNROUND FLATEYE™ design allows for sealed switches and plugs, so it can be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

flateye waterproof casing
flateye battery power

The Power To Defy Convention.

FLATEYE™ ‘s UNROUND design allows for 2 rows of batteries which means more battery life than outdated round designs- up to 40 hours.

Illuminate Your Life With A Flat Pocket Flashlight

If you’re prepared to rise from the underground with us, we’ll happily supply you with a FLATEYE™ to guide your way. Contact us today if you have any questions about our products or need any recommendations.

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