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FLATEYE™ LED Flashlights


Unround Design.

We call bullsh*t on the round flashlight.

The evolution of the flashlight has fallen flat… And it’s not by accident. We’ve all been duped.

You see, big flashlight companies have a plan: To take your money year-after-year by convicing the world that round lights are the standard even though they are less durable, less powerful and have less battery life than FLATEYE™.

It’s time to revolt and see the future of flashlights for what it should be: UNROUND!

panther vision infograph

Why Is UNROUND Better?

grip icon

Easier To Grip

hyper fin cooling

Stays Cool Longer

battery life icon

Brighter Longer

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A flashlight that was
designed to fit in your hand.

UNROUND means more surface for a better grip.

A combination of UNROUND design and tactical polymer pistol grip means the FLATEYE™ is always ready for the task at hand.

flateye flasjlight better grip
flateye flashlight has better cooling

Don’t Get Burned By Dangerously Outdated Designs.

FLATEYE™ is way cooler than
other flashlights on the market…

Literally. Our patented Hyper-Fin™ Cooling Technology keeps you protected by dispersing the heat from the LED to prevent it from getting hot. Round flashlights try to protect you by including a warning label.

you only gain.

We’re still waterproof, not just water resistant. The UNROUND FLATEYE™ design allows for sealed switches and plugs, so it can be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

flateye flashlight is waterproof
more batteries equals more power

The Power to Defy Convention.

FLATEYE™’s UNROUND design allows for 2 rows of
batteries which means more battery life than outdated round designs – up to 40 hours.