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Panther Vision has transformed the illumination industry with a variety of led lighting products that have triumphed over darkness throughout the country. We’ve gone so far as to develop batteries of our own to power this revolution, and they offer longevity and dependability that rivals even the most well-known battery manufacturers.

Minute differences matter a lot with these types of 3-volt batteries, and that’s why we sell three different battery packs to get the fit just right. Our available options include:

As long as you have a pack of 4 batteries from Panther Vision, you’ll always have the backup necessary to handle power shortages in your go-to tools and devices. If you have any questions about our products and the batteries that fuel them, you can ask our dedicated customer service team. also learn more about taking care of these batteries in the cold weather by reading our guideContact us today to order your Panther Power batteries.

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