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BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights

Everyone should be prepared when the lights go out, whether you’re rummaging around dark drawers and closets, sailing out on choppy waters on a brisk morning, or getting by during power outages. In these situations, your ordinary department store flashlight just won’t cut it.

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ saves you time, effort and frustration. Our units showcase an adhesive backing that enables you to scatter devices around the house, or you can take the technology with you on the go. The days of getting stuck in a blackout are over as lighting solutions from Panther Vision cater to your lifestyle and daily activities.

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights are the best choice for lighting cramped, dark spaces or for lighting up your home when the grid unexpectedly goes down. This is thanks to brilliant LED bulbs packed in an economical package. The brightest button lamps around, Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ Sticky LED Lights can effortlessly adapt to whatever environment you’re in.

Light up the night with our affordable options. This tiny but mighty light will swoop in and save the day from common lighting problems. It’s economical, about the size of a quarter, as bright as a traditional lamp and is able to light corners, crevices and closets with a single switch.

Your hero has arrived in the form of stick-on LED lights.