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BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights 6-Pack


Everyone should be prepared when the lights go out, whether you’re rummaging around dark drawers and closets, sailing out on choppy waters on a brisk morning, or getting by during power outages. In these situations, your ordinary department store flashlight just won’t cut it.

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights are the best choice for lighting cramped, dark spaces or for lighting up your home when the grid unexpectedly goes down. This is thanks to brilliant LED bulbs packed in an economical package. The brightest button lamps around, Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ LED Lights can effortlessly adapt to whatever environment you’re in.

Big Lighting in a Small Package

The LED BUTTON LAMP™ from Panther Vision sets itself apart from the pack with its innovative, practical design. Providing a stunning 13 lumens of output for up to 17 hours in a package no larger than a quarter, the LED BUTTON LAMP™ elevates your illumination needs.

These compact lamps have a sleek profile for discreet lighting. They’re easy to have on hand because you can store them just about anywhere, from your toolbox to your glove box.

A removable adhesive backing lets you easily place these tiny LED lamps anywhere for versatile lighting options and easily remove them without leaving any damage behind. For rustic campers, fishermen, handymen, and everyone in between, these BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights set the standard for an adaptable, ultra-bright lighting source.

Conquer the Dark

If you could choose a superpower, which one would you choose? Super speed? Telepathy? What about night vision? With Panther Vision’s ultra-bright small LED sticker lights, you can easily take control of the darkness and become the hero you’ve always wanted to be.

Light the way during an emergency or a power outage, or brighten someone’s day by adding light to a darker space. Continue working and complete repairs after the sun’s gone down to meet deadlines and get the job done. With a powerful adhesive backing, you can stick these small LED lights anywhere you need to see in the dark.

The Panther Vision BUTTON LAMP™ – Your New Best Friend

From campgrounds to basements and indoor nooks and crevices, anyplace is a suitable home for BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights. With its adhesive backing, you can easily stick these powerful button lights anywhere and replace or swap them around as needed. Flip the switch and finally see what everyone’s been talking about!

You can stick these adhesive LED lights anywhere, including:


  • Shelves and drawers
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bedroom closets
  • Workspaces and toolboxes
  • Automobile consoles or beneath hoods
  • Camping trips, fishing excursions and outdoor activities
  • Emergency kits

Illuminate Your Adventures

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you know how frustrating it is to lose your light. As the sun begins to set, you’ve got to wrap up what you’re doing or work with a flashlight. Daylight hours limit your outdoor excursions to when you have enough light to see what you’re doing.

With hands-free lighting solutions like our LED BUTTON LAMP™, you can add more hours to your day. Set out before dawn or keep your adventure going well after the sun retreats below the horizon, and light up your workspace with these compact and convenient adhesive LED lights.

LED BUTTON LAMP™ lights are ideal for anyone who wants to control their own source of light for outdoor activities, including hikers, campers, hunters, fishers and everyone else in between. Stick the LED button lights to your tackle box to light up your supplies, to your bike handle to ride safely any time, or to any nearby surface to light up your campsite.

Keep enjoying the outdoor adventures you love in illuminated safety with Panther Visions’s compact LED BUTTON LAMP™.


See the Difference With Our BUTTON LAMP™

At Panther Vision, our team dedicates itself to finding Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems™. We’ve harnessed advanced engineering and smart design to bring you industry-leading products that revolutionize how you light up your life. Panther Vision has expertly designed the LED BUTTON LAMP™ to be the apex of LED lighting technology. Here are the best features of these high-performance, go-anywhere LED lights:


  • Easy installation: A strong adhesive backing allows you to quickly install this BUTTON LAMP™ anywhere, including on wood, plastic, metal, and other common surfaces, with one quick thumb press.
  • Compact size: Keep your sightlines clean with help from these button lights. Since they’re no larger than a quarter, these lights can be neatly tucked anywhere.
  • Long lifespan: Enjoy incredibly bright lighting from this small source for up to 17 hours. When the battery eventually fades, simply toss the old lamp out and install a new one.
  • Shockproof design: Even though they’re small, these lamps are built to withstand harsh environments without being damaged. These button lamps resist collisions, drops, and other impacts without diminishing in performance.
  • Waterproof design: With sturdy weather-proof seals, these button LED lamps aren’t afraid to get wet. These lamps can function while submerged for up to 30 minutes.


See Everything Clearly With Panther Vision’s LED BUTTON LAMP™

What more could you want from a compact, ultra-bright LED button lamp? Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ LED Lights are an all-around great choice when you need dependable and effective lighting solutions for anything from camping trips or automotive repairs to indoor lighting. Browse our selection of BUTTON LAMP™ LED Lights today and enjoy free shipping on all orders!

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