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BUTTON LAMP™ Adhesive LED Lights

Everyone should be prepared when the lights go out, whether you’re rummaging around dark drawers and closets, sailing out on choppy waters on a brisk morning, or getting by during power outages. In these situations, your ordinary department store flashlight just won’t cut it.

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ saves you time, effort and frustration. Our units showcase an adhesive backing that enables you to scatter devices around the house, or you can take the technology with you on the go. The days of getting stuck in a blackout are over as lighting solutions from Panther Vision cater to your lifestyle and daily activities.

Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights are the best choice for lighting cramped, dark spaces or for lighting up your home when the grid unexpectedly goes down. This is thanks to brilliant LED bulbs packed in an economical package. The brightest button lamps around, Panther Vision’s BUTTON LAMP™ LED Lights can effortlessly adapt to whatever environment you’re in.

Light up the night with our affordable options. This tiny but mighty light will swoop in and save the day from common lighting problems. It’s economical, about the size of a quarter, as bright as a traditional lamp and is able to light corners, crevices and closets with a single switch.

Your hero has arrived in the form of stick-on LED lights.

Affordable LED Button Lights

The BUTTON LAMP™ appeals to families, independent contractors, construction crews and do-it-yourself enthusiasts who want to be prepared for dim conditions. Our products reimagine the concept of a handheld flashlight, as each battery-operated device fits right in the palm of your hand. Although these designs are no larger than an average coin, expect outstanding illumination and versatility with this technology.

For your shopping convenience, Panther Vision offers the BUTTON LAMP™ at budget-friendly prices. For one low price, you receive six adhesive LEDs to mount as you see fit. Better prepare yourself for emergencies, camping trips and on-site projects with the latest innovations for professional and leisure tasks.

The Adhesive BUTTON LAMP™ Eliminates Excess Wiring

One of the best parts about the BUTTON LAMP™ design is that the technology installs cleanly for a pristine appearance. Whether you are utilizing your order for tight spaces or storage, you never have to worry about plugs and cables getting in the way. Where traditional lamps and flashlights take up space, the BUTTON LAMP™ provides unmatched lighting results at a fraction of the size.

We have many customers who use our products on a daily basis even when electricity is available. You have the flexibility to attach the BUTTON LAMP™ at your desired height without damaging walls and other surfaces in the process. These mini LED lights can easy be moved and removed, so you can have your LED button lights anytime, anywhere.

Peel-and-Stick Adhesive LEDs

Panther Vision wants customers to have a hassle-free experience with our LED lighting products, so the BUTTON LAMP™ features a peel-and-stick backing for quick installation. You can place your lamps exactly where you want and forget about misplacing pieces.

The minuscule stature deceives not only from a power standpoint but a durability one as well. The body is shockproof and waterproof, making it perfectly suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Its strong adhesive backing allows you to apply it to wood, drywall, metal and other materials.

Additionally, its small size contributes to its overall versatility. It’ll remain discrete anywhere, which keeps the aesthetics of an area completely intact while still having a reliable light source whenever necessary.

Adhesive LED Lighting Hues

You might look at the BUTTON LAMP™ and initially think, “This thing is the size of a generic keychain light. How could it be bright?”

Panther Vision is advancing and providing technology that offers increased visibility in an array of situations. A single lamp can produce about 13 lumens of light despite being snack-sized, and its battery can power the device for up to 17 hours.

The BUTTON LAMP™ gives you an advantage over a standard flashlight in terms of brightness and overall quality. From campgrounds to basements and indoor nooks and crevices, anyplace is a suitable home for BUTTON LAMP™ LED lights. With its adhesive backing, you can easily stick these powerful button lights anywhere and replace or swap them around as needed. Flip the switch and finally see what everyone’s been talking about!

You can stick these mini adhesive LED lights anywhere, including:

  • Shelving
  • Cabinet lights
  • Inside drawers
  • Closet lights
  • Wardrobe lights
  • Toolboxes
  • Bait & tackle equipment
  • Inside vehicles
  • Reading
  • Automotive consoles
  • Camping Trips
  • Emergency Kits

See the Difference With Our BUTTON LAMP™

At Panther Vision, our team dedicates itself to finding Uncommon Solutions for Common Problems™. We’ve harnessed advanced engineering and smart design to bring you industry-leading products that revolutionize how you light up your life. Panther Vision has expertly designed the LED BUTTON LAMP™ to be the apex of LED lighting technology. Here are the best features of this high-performance, go-anywhere LED light:

  • Easy installation: A strong adhesive backing allows you to quickly install this BUTTON LAMP™ anywhere, including on wood, plastic, metal, and other common surfaces, with one quick thumb press.
  • Compact size: Keep your sightlines clean with help from these button lights. Since they’re no larger than a quarter, these lights can be neatly tucked anywhere.
  • lifespan: Enjoy incredibly bright lighting from this small source for up to 17 hours. When the battery eventually fades, simply toss the old lamp out and install a new one.
  • Shockproof design: Even though they’re small, these lamps are built to withstand harsh environments without being damaged. These button lamps resist collisions, drops, and other impacts without diminishing in performance.
  • Waterproof design: With sturdy weather-proof seals, these button LED lamps aren’t afraid to get wet. These lamps can function while submerged for up to 30 minutes.

Purchase the Adhesive BUTTON LAMP™ From Panther Vision

A unique combination of qualities makes the lamp useful in several scenarios. It’s particularly convenient for emergencies and power outages, as it will help to supplant traditional electricity and candles when you still need to ensure safety and get tasks done. handheld flashlights are indispensable during these times, but the BUTTON LAMP™ will produce necessary light and free up your hands to continue working efficiently.

You can place them underneath cabinets and shelves to avoid turning on lights, saving energy in the process, or you could have them in a tent with you while camping. The possibilities are endless with our LED Button Lights!

At Panther Vision, it is our mission to bring customers patented designs for incredible performance. We are confident the BUTTON LAMP™ will exceed your expectations and transform the way you engage with work and leisure activities. You can fill out a contact form with Panther Vision for further information about any of our products. Check out our BUTTON LAMP™ facts and Place an order for adhesive LEDs today and see what these mighty little lights can do for you!

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