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With the rise of smartphones and their built-in flashlights, people can often illuminate any area they find themselves in.

However, despite what many might believe, you won’t always have your phone or a good flashlight with you when you need it. Sometimes you will need a reliable, unobtrusive solution that provides powerful illumination in a convenient package. Panther Vision can offer you that product with our BUTTON LAMP™.

From everyday quick fixes to emergencies, your new LED button lights will be the little hero you deserve!

How Can You Use Our BUTTON LAMP™?

When you buy our BUTTON LAMP™, you will gain a set of tiny champions that will defeat the darkness, no matter where you decide to stick them.

Do you need a practical lighting system for your cabinet, pantry, drawer or other small space without having to create a new light fixture? You can apply the BUTTON LAMP™ to your shelves, drawers and other nooks to brighten up those areas without any hassle.

Use them inside the doors of your kitchen cabinetry or brighten your halls at night without lighting up half the house. You could even use them for camping trips, fishing excursions and other outdoor adventures.

They’re also useful for plenty of work spaces and applications. Apply them to tool boxes so you can find the necessary tools or the inside of a car console or glove box to find what you are looking for.

Perhaps their greatest use comes in times of dire need, which solidifies why we consider them heroes of the lighting world. You can use these LED button lights as independent lighting sources during power outages and other emergencies. Keep them in nearby drawers or other storage areas, turn them on and stick them where necessary, which eliminates the need to continually re-position phones, flashlights or candles.

Features of the BUTTON LAMP™

We’ve designed our LED BUTTON LAMP™ to sit among the highest peaks of lighting technology. You will receive top-tier quality at an unbeatable price, with features such as:

  • Easy Installation: With a strong adhesive backing, you can place the lamps anywhere you need with one quick thumb press. Woods, metals, plastics and other common surfaces are all easy to work with.
  • Compact Size: Puck lights and other options will often accomplish their tasks, but they’re also large and unsightly. Our BUTTON LAMP™is no larger than a quarter, which gives you a lot of light in a small package that no one will likely notice until you activate it.
  • Shockproof: They might be small, but they’re built to have superhuman strength. Your button lights can resist collisions, drops and other impacts without suffering functional damage, which makes them dependable in any situation.
  • Waterproof: These little heroes aren’t afraid to get wet so you can use them outdoors or if you need to face water-logged situations, like basement flooding, these lights can weather the storm with you thanks to their sturdy seals. They can function while submerged for about 30 minutes.

Trust Panther Vision to Provide Reliable Button LED Lights

From your car to your workplace, it’s time to prepare for all dark spots with Panther Vision’s LED BUTTON LAMP™. Contact us today if you have any questions related to our products.

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