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FLATEYE™Flat Flashlight

This advanced flat LED flashlight is ideal for all kinds of tasks, hobbies and jobs. Planning an adventure in the great outdoors? The FLATEYE™ is the perfect tool to light your way on a hiking expedition, illuminate your fishing area while you are out on the lake, spot an animal on a hunting trip or find your way to and from your campsite.

If you need to do work around the house at odd hours, the FLATEYE™ allows you to complete any task when you can’t depend on daylight. This flat flashlight is also perfect for shining light in hard-to-see spaces so you can complete your home improvement tasks.

Law enforcement, security and safety workers also benefit from the advanced capabilities of the led FLATEYE™. When you are working to ensure the safety of those around you, you need a dependable lighting source to help you get your job done effectively. The FLATEYE™ provides the lighting you need for enhanced situational awareness that will keep you safer on the job.

Whatever you use the FLATEYE™ for, you will see that the FLATEYE™ is the best rechargeable LED flashlight for any of your common applications.


  • This product comes in rechargeable and non-rechargeable models
  • This product comes in a variety of lumen options
  • All FLATEYE products are waterproof up to 1 meter
  • All FLATEYE products have an ergonomic grip
  • All FLATEYE products feature a revolutionary unround design

Ready to see the world from a brighter perspective? Order your FLATEYE™ today and shop online for other innovative, versatile lighting solutions. Check out our FLATEYE™ FAQ’s to learn more about our FLATEYE™ product and learn more about how our flashlights work.