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FLATEYE™Flat Flashlight

With so many drug-store and keychain flashlight varieties available, people often try to get by with these subpar tools only to see them fail when they need them most. Even many sturdier, round flashlights rarely showcase advances in design or efficiency, and that should be unacceptable to anyone who’s searching for the best possible illumination option.

As technology improves by leaps and bounds at a breakneck pace, flashlights tend to remain the same.

Sure, bulb types and batteries might occasionally feature slight alterations, but what about their shape or their grip? No company has decided to mount any industry-shattering revolution — until now, that is.

Panther Vision has sought to revolutionize the industry with unique products that provide elite features and perform at an unmatched level. You will have all the necessary lighting with our flat tactical flashlight: The FLATEYE™. LED flashlights are better than others on the market but the FLATEYE™ sets itself apart with even more advanced technology.

Versatile Applications of the FLATEYE™ Flashlight

This advanced flat LED flashlight is ideal for all kinds of tasks, hobbies and jobs. Planning an adventure in the great outdoors? The FLATEYE™ is the perfect tool to light your way on a hiking expedition, illuminate your fishing area while you are out on the lake, spot an animal on a hunting trip or find your way to and from your campsite.

If you need to do work around the house at odd hours, the FLATEYE™ allows you to complete any task when you can’t depend on daylight. This flat flashlight is also perfect for shining light in hard-to-see spaces so you can complete your home improvement tasks.

Law enforcement, security and safety workers also benefit from the advanced capabilities of the led FLATEYE™. When you are working to ensure the safety of those around you, you need a dependable lighting source to help you get your job done effectively. The FLATEYE™ provides the lighting you need for enhanced situational awareness that will keep you safer on the job.

Of course, the FLATEYE™ is also an excellent choice if you want to take a leisurely nighttime stroll. You will see your surroundings more clearly and alert others to your presence, which is especially important if you are walking near a roadway.

Whatever you use the FLATEYE™ for, you will benefit from its many innovative features.

What Features Does Our FLATEYE™ Flat LED Flashlight Carry?

We focus on the mantra, “Uncommon solutions for common problems.” You might not even realize many of the issues that other flashlights present, both in the short- and long-term, but you’ll notice the difference with our innovative designs. You deserve better, and we strive to give you the best that you can find on the market.

When you decide to invest in FLATEYE™ technology, you’ll never want another flashlight again. We pride our flashlights on being reliable in all aspects, so here are some features you’ll enjoy:

Sturdy Grip
As you’ve likely noticed at one point or another, conventional flashlights can become uncomfortable and awkward to hold in your hand, due either to their inconvenient shape or size. The FLATEYE™ sports a pistol-style, polymer grip with an unround, aircraft aluminum design, which will fit comfortably in your hand without issue.

Heat Dispersion
When you require the use of a flashlight for extended periods, traditional models can suffer from uncomfortable, and even dangerous, overheating issues, which no one should ever have to subject themselves to if they can help it. Whether you’re out in the field or working on a project, our patented Hyper-Fin™ Cooling Technology dissipates excess heat from the flashlight to reduce user risk and extend the lifespan of the LEDs.

Quad Battery Configuration
UNROUND design allows for side by side battery placement. Our FLATEYE™ allows for more power to be allocated to the LEDs, which translates to longer battery life and enhanced lighting. While most LED flashlights dim within minutes by up to 50 percent after being turned on, the FLATEYE™ maintains a brighter and longer-lasting light beam for better illumination.

Electronics need to be resilient, especially in wet environments when one accidental fall can spell doom for ordinary flashlights. The FLATEYE™ features sealed switches and plugs, so not only can it resist drops into puddles, but you can completely submerge it under a meter of water for approximately 30 minutes. This helpful feature expands your capabilities dramatically from both professional and personal perspectives.

Our FLATEYE™ Flat Flashlights Outclass Standard Options

In addition to the first-class characteristics mentioned above, our flat flashlights carry many other distinct advantages that clearly put them ahead of the pack:

  • Shockproofing: Because of Flateye’s UNROUND design, you don’t have to worry about it rolling away, but sometimes flashlights get dropped and suffer from significant damage — even if the descent wasn’t that far. The last problem you need is fragility when you’re trying to handle your tasks and combat the shadows simultaneously, and that’s why we construct our flashlights with top-tier materials to bolster shock absorbency. They can handle drops from about 10 feet and keep on functioning at peak efficiency while incurring little-to-no aesthetic damage.
  • Extended battery life: Due to the flat (UNROUND) design, our flashlights hold more batteries (4 in total) than a similar-sized round flashlight. This characteristic allows Flateye to be brighter longer, and that eliminates the unreliability of many other products while delivering unbeatable performance.
  • Varying brightness levels: Our high-lumen LED flashlights will outshine the others with a ray that can cover vast swathes of an area with a single hit of the switch. With ratings of up to a powerful 2,100 lumens, we offer uncompromising clarity and broader sight lines to give you sight in all scenarios. At its apex, the FLATEYE™ can emit a beam that reaches about 640 feet on the highest mode.
  • Environmentally Responsible: We understand that many of our products, including the FLATEYE™, see extensive use out in the wild. Knowing that fact, we place a significant emphasis on protecting the environment however we can. We manufacture the flashlights with recyclable, low-impact materials and distribute them in minimized packaging. By ordering with us, you will guarantee a brighter future for both your vision and the planet.

Use Our Flat Tactical Flashlight for Your Illumination Needs UNROUND means more surface for a better grip.

No matter where you’re coming from or what you’re doing, you deserve only the best tools to make your job — and life — easier. We’re confident you won’t find a more reliable or impressive option than FLATEYE™. You’ll also benefit from peace of mind when ordering from us, as you’ll receive a hassle-free, limited lifetime warranty which guarantees we’ll take responsibility for any material or craftsmanship problems.

Our customer service team is responsive, authentic and well-trained to guide you and answer your questions as necessary. Contact us today, and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

Don’t Get Burned By Dangerously Outdated Designs.

FLATEYE™ is way cooler than other flashlights on the market.

Literally. Our patented Hyper-Fin™ Cooling Technology keeps you protected by dispersing the heat from the LED to prevent it from getting hot. Round flashlights try to protect you by including a warning label.

With UNROUND, You Only Gain.

We’re still waterproof, not just water resistant. The UNROUND FLATEYE™ design allows for sealed switches and plugs, so it can be submerged in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Power To Defy Convention.

FLATEYE™ ‘s UNROUND design allows for 2 rows of batteries which means more battery life than outdated round designs- up to 40 hours.

Illuminate Your Life With A Flat Pocket Flashlight

If you’re prepared to rise from the underground with us, we’ll happily supply you with a FLATEYE™ to guide your way. We make the process of getting your flat LED flashlight smooth and straightforward. You can count on:

  • Free shipping: We provide free shipping to help our customers save money. We know that every bit of savings helps, so we go the extra mile to provide cost-effective products and services.
  • Limited lifetime guarantee: All of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind that the quality and performance of our products are backed by more than just words. If your flat flashlight does not work because of a problem with the material or workmanship, you can send it back and we will ship you a free replacement.
  • Outstanding customer service: We are dedicated to helping our customers find the right solutions for their lighting needs, and we do everything we can to exceed your expectations. We will walk you through product specs and assist you with any needs you may have during the ordering process and beyond.
  • With our exceptional products and impeccable service, we have earned a reputation for quality and innovation that keeps customers coming back. We are always evolving as a company, so check in frequently to see what we are working on.

    Ready to see the world from a brighter perspective? Order your FLATEYE™ today and shop online for other innovative, versatile lighting solutions. Check out our FLATEYE™ FAQ’s to learn more about our FLATEYE™ product and learn more about how our flashlights work.

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