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Men’s Lighted Hats

When times call for a reliable lighting source, you can often find it in the most unlikely forms. Many jobs and activities will take you from dawn to dusk, and you’ll need to be prepared for any weather and lighting conditions you might have to endure. There are many benefits to wearing hats, they keep your eyes protected from harsh sunlight and the elements, but what if you could maximize their use after the sun disappears behind the horizon?

Panther Vision carries a variety of lighted men’s hat for any person. From dedicated athletes to resilient laborers, we’re confident we can produce an uncommon solution for common problems™.

Why Use Our Men’s Lighted Hat?

Many guys sport baseball caps as a standard accessory in their wardrobe, so why not get the most use out of them wherever you go? It’s easy to underestimate how often you need good hands-free lighting, and our patented technology will ensure you never experience that problem again.

Do you plan on embarking on a pre-dawn hunting trip in the woods? Your lighted hat will keep the path illuminated while you haul your supplies with your hands. Perhaps your fishing trip runs a little late, and you’re doing well in your selected spot. You can easily flip on your lights, which allow you to see not just your lures and hooks, but where you’re casting.

You can also use them for running and hiking. If you need one in a professional capacity, use a lighted hat while working at construction sites, garages, factories or other places with poor natural lighting.

Features of Our Lighted Hats for Men

All of our options carry four ultra-bright LEDs in the brim, which are paired off in two sets. One pair projects a powerful beam that can reach 13 meters ahead of you, while the other set of lights points directly in front of your feet, giving you comprehensive coverage. Whether you’re running or reading, the darkness won’t hinder you any longer.

The lights produce a combined 48 lumens, which often exceed the strength of many other options. With four thinly-constructed 3-volt batteries powering them, they sit comfortably in the rim while generating power for 43 to 68 hours, depending on the model.

Different models also utilize various materials and builds, depending on what scenario you plan on using them in. If you need a warm winter cap, we manufacture our beanies using a hardy microfleece that fits your head snuggly and contains your body heat. Hunting and other outdoor caps feature cotton-polyester blends that aim to support a balance between comfort and durability. Theyhave different design and color options, such as various camos and reflective colors. We also carry polyester, cotton, cotton canvas, and nylon fabric options.

Fishing caps also come with stylish logos, like a marlin or tuna, to get you in the boating spirit.

Running hats utilize breathable mesh and absorbent sweatbands to keep your head comfortable and your sweat controlled.

Panther Vision Will Give You the Best Men’s Lighted Hat

From the thrill of the hunt to the minutia of everyday life, keep your world illuminated with help from Panther Vision. If you want to find the best men’s lighted hats available, contact us today.