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Make any Mission Possible.

Panther Vision’s utility lights and LED headlamps have thousands of uses. These gadgets will illuminate places in your home where extension cords and lamps can’t reach and will brighten your outdoor adventures, even when electricity is not an option. All of our patented designs feature advanced LED technologies for an exceptional output and long battery life for reliable use in virtually all weather conditions.

Whether you’re heading out for a walk or taking off into the wilderness, our portable LED lights and headlamps provide hours of light wherever you need to keep you safe and help you see what you’re doing. These little wonders feature easy on/off and hands-free operation, giving you the freedom to accomplish more regardless of the time of day or where life takes you.

GUMBI LED Headlamp – Anti-Slip Silicone USB Rechargeable

Whether you are a homeowner, tradesperson or hobbyist, your common problems need uncommon solutions. At Panther Vision, all our products feature patented LED technology designed to brighten your world.

The GUMBI-Lamp LED Headlamp has hands-free functionality and the innovative performance capabilities you need. You don’t have to deal with traditional, bulky lights any longer.

What’s Different About the GUMBI USB Rechargeable Headlamp?

Gumbi LED headlamp
The GUMBI-Lamp Rechargeable LED Headlamp from Panther Vision is designed with the best materials to ensure performance and durability. Along with its silicone, no-slip design, this headlamp is water-resistant and shockproof. From hiking in remote locations to fixing your vehicle, you can trust that it will withstand all kinds of challenges.

Choose from either black, blue, green or red and take advantage of style and innovation like never before.

Features Designed to Solve Your Common Problems

When you need uncommon solutions, the GUMBI headlamp features the brightest technological features to help you reach your goals.

Hands-Free for Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

The GUMBI rechargeable headlamp is about more than performance. Its lightweight, hands-free design offers comfort and convenience. You’ll experience security with the anti-slip silicone. Even if you are running, you can count on it to stay on and provide you with powerful light visibility every step of the way.

Long-Lasting LED Power to Help You Get the Job Done

With a silicone headlamp, you’ll have three different lighting modes to choose from, depending on your needs. With the push of a button, you can adjust from high, or 70 lumens, to medium, which is 35 lumens, or low, at just 15 lumens.

Depending on the setting, you’ll also be able to adjust the light output. On high, you’ll have 15 meters of visibility distance. Meanwhile, you’ll have 10 meters on medium, and on low, you’ll have 8 meters.

Recharge So You’re Always Ready for Adventure

The GUMBI headlamp can deliver 4 hours of battery life when on high, 5.4 hours when on medium and 10.5 hours when set on low. When it’s time to recharge, grab your cell phone wall charger, USB power banks or computer port. In just 6 hours and 30 minutes, your headlamp will be fully charged and ready for wherever your next adventure takes you.

Your Goals With a Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Whether you are working outside in low light, cold conditions, or you have a long fishing, hunting or camping trip ahead of you, make sure you’ve got the GUMBI headlamp nearby. No matter what task or activity you’ve got planned, this headlamp will provide you with the lighting range, power and comfort you need to reach your goals.

Experiencing a Brighter Perspective

Panther Vision has you covered whenever you need smarter lighting products. Order your GUMBI rechargeable LED headlamp or utility light and start experiencing performance at a great price. Because your order comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you can feel confident that you’ll be receiving unparalleled quality and dependability.

Have any questions about our hands-free lighting? Reach out today for recommendations or answers.

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