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Utility Lights

Darkness can breed danger, and you need the appropriate tools to confront those challenges.

Plenty of superheroes handle their bleakest battles not just with their might, but with the smaller gadgets that shine in the right moments. That’s the approach Panther Vision has taken to creating UTILITY LIGHTS — a series of unique illuminary tools that will provide light when you need it most.

As a supplier of Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems™, we’re confident you’ll find some useful utility lights by browsing our online shop.

Types of Utility Lights and How You Can Use Them

Our POWERCAP® and FLATEYE™ lights generate brightness in a variety of settings, but UTILITY LIGHTS™ generally excel in situations when you have an explicit purpose for illuminated vision. Whether you’re operating outside after sunset or inside dimly lit areas, we can supply you with an appropriate product such as:

  • SAFETY BUG®If you need to alert people to your presence, our SAFETY BUG® strobe lights will serve as beacons to increase visibility. You can spot the distinctive red sheen, powered by five ultra-bright LEDs, from up to a half-mile away, and it attaches magnetically, adhesively or through a fabric pin. Being roughly the same size as a quarter, they’re useful companions for roadside work, walking the dog or walking at night.
  • SOLAR PAC™: We’ve concocted another outdoor innovation that harnesses the world’s greatest light — the sun — to its advantage. Our solar-powered, portable lamp will act as a vital tool in your outdoorsman set, offering illumination throughout your campsite. It works equally well out on the boat while fishing, in the treestand while hunting or on the trail while backpacking. The SOLAR PAC™ features a slim design for improved storage and uses a 1,400 milliamp rechargeable battery that lasts up to 7 hours on a full charge.
  • POWER CLIP™: The most versatile light in this lineup, our POWER CLIP™ will perform wherever you place it. A sturdy included alligator clip allows you to attach the light, which houses two LEDs that emit 21 lumens, to your hat or clothes, freeing up both of your hands for work or hobbies. You can also equip the light with a magnetic back to connect to surrounding metal surfaces. The latter feature works well when working on cars underneath the hood or below sinks in cabinets.
  • LED Lighted Earmuffs: Plenty of environments require the use of earmuffs for hearing protection and improved concentration, but those same environments can also be dark and difficult to see in. We tackle two problems with one solution, as our LED lighted earmuffs carry a Noise Reduction Rating (N.R.R.) of 25 dB, all while producing 81 lumens of light through four ultra-bright LEDs. This tool works well in factories, workshops, airport runways, shooting ranges and construction sites.

Light Your Way With Panther Vision’s Utility Lights

We will help with finding your ideal UTILITY LIGHTS — and we aim to exceed your expectations throughout the process. We’re responsive and thorough, and you’ll benefit from free shipping and a limited lifetime warranty. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.

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