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FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED FLASHLIGHT – 1700 Lumens

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  • Revolutionary UNROUND design featuring our ergonomic grip — easy to grip, fit, store & utilize for any expedition into the dark
  • LED adjustable light output: High: 1700 Lumens/Med: 892 Lumens/Low: 50 Lumens
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum & tactical polymer engineered for superior durability
  • Includes a strobe feature & safety interlock for additional safety & protection
  • Visibility Distance: High: 181m (594 ft.)/Med: 130m (426 ft.)/Low: 68m (223 ft.)
  • Waterproof: Up to 1m (3.2 ft.)
  • Shockproof: Up to 3m (9.8 ft.)
  • Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision FLATEYE™ Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Depending on your aesthetic, you may actively seek out antiques for your home. Whether you realize it or not, you may be doing the very same thing when you shop for a flashlight. In general, something is considered an antique if it’s at least 100 years old. The technology behind round flashlights is a century old, which means you’re buying antiquated technology even if you attempt to buy a round LED flashlight produced in recent months or years.

The Future Is Here… We Know Because We’re Defining It

Thanks to the innovative minds at Panther Vision, you no longer have to settle for inferior light sources. With the introduction of the FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED Flashlight, you can literally hold what others consider future technology in your hand and use it to illuminate the path ahead.

Due to its side-by-side battery configuration, the FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED Flashlight shines light farther for longer periods of time than traditional LED flashlights. With a ergonomic grip and flat design, this flashlight easily fits in any hand, pocket or bag. While other LED flashlights get hot after just a few minutes of use, the FLATEYE™ F-1700 stays cool thanks to its built-in Hyperfin™ cooling technology.

Whether you’re a first responder who needs a reliable flashlight you can count on when lives are on the line or a recreational camper, you can rely on the FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED Flashlight to come through when you need it the most. This flashlight boasts superior durability and performance in any situation, and it’s backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Don’t Buy Just Any LED Flashlight — Buy a FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED Flashlight

Being the architects of the LED lighting industry’s forward movement, our goal is to exceed your expectations with unparalleled customer service and products that lay the groundwork for the industry’s future…a future we’re unfolding with our hands and ideas every day. Join the UNROUND revolution by ordering an ANSI-rated FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED Flashlight, and get free shipping now.

The time has come for you to see the world from a brighter perspective with a FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED Flashlight in your hand.

3 reviews for FLATEYE™ F-1700 LED FLASHLIGHT – 1700 Lumens

  1. (verified owner)

    Great Flashlight!! 1700 lumens are really bright and it feels awesome in my hand. I’ll never buy a round flashllight again! I already dropped it once from about 8 feet and its still working so its built really well. Can’t go wrong with this one.

  2. (verified owner)

    Great Flashlight!! I love how this flashlight feels in my hand and the 1700 lumens really lights up the night. Cool design with the pistol grip and I love how the flashlight head doesn’t get too hot because of the design of the head.

  3. (verified owner)

    This is one bad *ss flashlight. Super bright, rugged, looks cool, and I don’t need to worry about how wet it gets.

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