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FLATEYE™ F-310 Flashlight Tactical Clip


  • FLATEYE Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Clips
  • Designed for Available for: F-310 (Model #: fl-6960)
  • Attaches to FLATEYE using the waterproof plugs providing a strong & sturdy clip
  • Designed to be able to carry the FLATEYE on your belt, shoulder, in your pocket or any other position you need
  • Engineered to exacting standards and crafted from aircraft grade aluminum to match the construction of our FLATEYE flashlights
  • Guaranteed & Backed by the Panther Vision FLATEYE Limited Lifetime Warranty 
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Have you ever been working on a project, set your flashlight down right beside you, then reached down and had trouble finding it? Say goodbye to misplaced devices and wasted time looking around with the FLATEYE F-310 Flashlight Tactical Clip from Panther Vision.

This affordable, lightweight and convenient tactical clip will help you work better and smarter, allowing you to quickly and easily clip your favorite LED FLATEYE flashlight directly to your belt, pocket, shoulder or other carrying position.

The FLATEYE F-310 Flashlight Tactical Clip is ingeniously designed and flawlessly manufactured for optimal usage — simply attach the flashlight clip securely to your FLATEYE F-310 flashlight using a pair of waterproof plugs that slip onto the base of the device. Now, you have the flexibility to conveniently carry your LED FLATEYE F-310 flashlight wherever your next adventure takes you.

Using Exact, Quality Standards for Unprecedented Performance

What makes Panther Vision products the leading standard for LED lighting devices and accessories is our unmatched attention to detail and precise manufacturing standards to ensure unmatched quality and dependability. Our new FLATEYE Tactical Flashlight Clips are carefully designed by industry experts and manufactured using the highest quality aircraft aluminum for outstanding long-term durability, effectiveness and reliability.

When you equip the FLATEYE F-310 Flashlight Tactical Clip, you can roam with confidence knowing that your LED lighting devices and tools can effortlessly keep up with even the most demanding environments and conditions.

What Can I Use My FLATEYE and Tactical Flashlight Clip For?

Panther Vision sets the standard for powerful, dependable LED lighting solutions suitable for any type of activity. Equip your new tactical flashlight clip for any type of outdoor hobby, from camping and fishing to hiking, mountain climbing and camping. But with its exact manufacturing standards to match the construction of our flashlights and heavy-duty, dependable aircraft aluminum construction, our FLATEYE F-310 Flashlight Tactical Clip can even handle extreme tactical use, including police work, firefighting and emergency response.

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