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FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight – 2175 Lumens


  • Revolutionary UNROUND design featuring our ergonomic grip — easy to grip, fit, store & utilize for any expedition into the dark
  • RECHARGEABLE: Includes attached USB cable under the bottom end cap, allowing for charging on any adventure
  • Adjustable LED light output: High: 2175 Lumens/Med: 1330 Lumens/Low: 72 Lumens
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum & tactical polymer engineered for superior durability
  • Includes a strobe feature & safety interlock for additional safety & protection
  • Visibility Distance: High: 202m (662 ft.)/Med: 154m (505 ft.)/Low: 3m (9 ft.)
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Up to 1m (3.2 ft.)
  • Shockproof: Up to 3m (9.8 ft.)
  • Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision FLATEYE™ Limited Lifetime Warranty
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The innovators at Panther Vision heard the public’s cry for a rechargeable LED flashlight that exceeds what they expect from a newly purchased light. That’s why we’re proud to introduce you to the FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight.

How the FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight Is Different

When you’re in the market to buy an LED flashlight, you’ll see that there isn’t a shortage of available options. What is lacking, however, are options for people who want more than what a traditional rechargeable LED flashlight can provide. That is, there was a gap in the market until Panther Vision unveiled the FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight.

This flashlight is the product of our ongoing drive to shed light on where unconventional products can succeed. The FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight represents a pleasant break from the 100-year-old technology used in traditional round LED flashlights.

Boasting a ergonomic grip design and aircraft-grade aluminum construction, this flashlight is durable and made to perform in any work or recreational environment where additional light is needed. Unlike round flashlights, which require a tighter grip, our rechargeable LED flashlight is comfortable and easy to hold. Waterproof and shockproof, the FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight won’t falter if it’s raining or you drop it.

We don’t just say the FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight is durable and performance-driven. We prove it by offering a limited lifetime warranty.

Join the UNROUND Revolution Today

We agree — sports balls are meant to be round. But that’s no longer the present or future for LED rechargeable flashlights now that you’ve discovered FLATEYE™. Join us in the UNROUND revolution and order an ANSI-rated FLATEYE™ Rechargeable FR-2100 Flashlight now.


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