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LIGHTSPECS LightWeight LED Reading Glasses

$24.99 $19.99

  • Lightweight LED Reading Glasses combine high-quality, lightweight reading glasses with ultra-bright LEDs
  • LEDs are canted inward to shine the light exactly where you need it without leaving any dark spots
  • Perfect for reading in bed, working on hobbies or any other close-up task needing light
  • Provide light output of 38 lumens with a battery life of up to 50 hours (batteries included & replaceable)
  • Polycarbonate frame & lenses
  • Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS® Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Are you tired of straining your eyes and sitting in uncomfortable positions to see better up close in darker areas?

If so, Panther Vision has the ultimate solution for you, as our LIGHTSPECS® Lightweight LED Reading Glasses will illuminate the areas where you’re looking while clearing up the blurriness you experience from being far-sighted.

Using standard half-eye reading glasses works well for switching between close-up and far-away, but they become significantly less effective when lighting conditions are anything less than ideal. Panther Vision has taken reading glasses and, like our other innovations, turned them on their head to create an uncommon solution for a common problem.

The LIGHTSPECS® glasses contain two ultra-bright LEDs hidden in the temples, and those LEDs can generate approximately 38 lumens. With such an abundant source of light, you can use these glasses in any environment.

Ensure your partner remains undisturbed while you read in bed or take the glasses out on the boat while fishing in the early morning or evening. Bright illumination will assist with tying hooks, as well as other hobbies that require focused interaction such as jewelry making, drawing, knitting and more.

The LEDs draw power from four included batteries which rate as CR1632, a conventional lithium cell we offer affordable, dependable replacements for. Benefit from up to 50 hours of light before needing a new battery supply.

We wanted to keep the LIGHTSPECS® as accessible as possible, hence the simple, fashionable design that appeals to everybody. We offer both black and tortoise frames which we construct using a durable polycarbonate. These frames will sit on your face comfortably for longer periods without fear of getting sore or itchy skin.

Glasses aren’t useful when they lack appropriate lenses, and the LIGHTSPECS® Lightweight LED Reading Glasses have nine different diopters available. They begin at 1, increasing in increments of 0.25, up to a maximum of 3.

See the world from a whole new perspective with Panther Vision’s LIGHTSPECS®!


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