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Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack Batteries


  • Pack of 4 CR1632 3-volt batteries
  • Panther Power premium quality lithium coin cell batteries
  • Used for Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS Lighted Reading Glasses & Safety Glasses
  • Great for replacements or additional electronics needing CR1632 batteries
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Bring your drained electronics back to life with our Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack Batteries.

If you own other Panther Vision illumination products, then you’ll know our creations provide superior performance in all kinds of conditions. However, disposable batteries can only power your equipment for so long before needing to be replaced.

These 3-volt lithium batteries are compact and lightweight, which means you can store them in car compartments, drawers and pouches with little issue for up to five years. They provide excellent quality at an affordable rate and allow you to swap drained cells with a strong reserve whenever necessary, so you can get back to reading and performing your hobbies with little downtime in between.

These batteries can perform in both warmer and colder temperatures, too, further increasing the scope of their dependability.

We’ve designed our batteries to generate Panther Power for our assorted inventory, most notably our line of LIGHTSPECS Lighted Reading Glasses and Safety Glasses. When installed in these accessories, you can receive up to 50 hours of power with four cells, which makes one pack an ideal solution.

We developed our value packs as affordable alternatives to pricier, less efficient options on the market, but you can utilize them in different electronic products as well.

In addition to our reading glasses and other lighted options, you can place these smaller cells in various calculators, watches, keyless entry fobs, glucose meters and much more.

You’ll no longer need to worry about the next time the power runs out on your devices when you resupply with our Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack Batteries.


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