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Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack Batteries


  • Pack of 4 CR1632 3-volt batteries
  • Panther Power premium quality lithium coin cell batteries
  • Used for Panther Vision LIGHTSPECS Lighted Reading Glasses & Safety Glasses
  • Great for replacements or additional electronics needing CR1632 batteries
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Your friend just called and said he’s ready to head out on the boat to snag that elusive trophy fish that has gotten away from you over the past few months — you’re ready to grab your poles, tackle box and trusted pair of LIGHTSPECS hands-free LED lighting glasses to embrace the long, rewarding trip ahead.

When you’re out on the water, you click the frame’s switch and find that the batteries died last time you went out and you forgot to swap out the old batteries for a fresh set. Now you’re both shrouded in darkness, and that record-breaking catch will have to wait for another day.

Don’t let this inconvenient and disappointing situation happen to you — have a spare set of batteries nearby with the Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack Batteries. Next time your LIGHTSPECS run out of juice, simply pop out the old batteries and slip in these powerful lithium battery replacements for up to 50 hours of dependable power.

Tiny Source, Incredible Power

Whether you’re camping, hunting or curling up in your favorite chair and reading a new book, you need accessible lighting with a reliable power source, and the Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack is your best source for compact, dependable replacement lithium batteries.

This pack of lithium coin cell batteries is complete with four replacement units — the exact number of batteries needed to power our collection of LIGHTSPECS LED lighted reading and safety glasses — available in a slim package and easily stored in vehicle compartments, toolboxes, emergency kits or multi-purpose drawers throughout your home. Panther Power CR1632 batteries can be stored for up to five years before losing their effectiveness.

These CR1632 produce an impressive 3 volts of power and can reliably perform in variable warm and cool temperatures without a lag in performance. The Panther Power CR1632 lithium batteries are ready to power your LIGHTSPECS glasses as well as other common household items that utilize CR1632 batteries like calculators, glucose readers, watches, children’s toys and keyless entry fobs.

Stay Packed With Power When You Use Panther Vision’s CR1632 Lithium Batteries

Great for a variety of household items in a convenient package, the Panther Power CR1632 4-Pack Batteries will quickly and dependably provide power when you need it most. Browse Panther Vision’s selection of CR1632 lithium batteries today and enjoy free shipping on your order!


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