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POWERCAP 25/75 Solar Microfiber LED Lighted Hats


  • Provides the power to see in the dark with an ultra-bright dual-action LED task light system, providing close-up task lighting & distance lighting
  • Includes 4 LEDs with a light output of 22 lumens, powered by a solar rechargeable NiMH battery (included)
  • Battery charge time of 8 hours in direct sunlight, rated for more than 500 recharge cycles
  • Ideal for jogging, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, auto repair, home improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting
  • Visibility of up to 22 m. (72 ft.) with battery life lasting up to 59 hours
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use designed for long-lasting use
  • Material: 100% Polyester microfiber
  • Weight: 3.5 oz.
  • Guaranteed & backed by the Panther Vision POWERCAP® Limited Lifetime Warranty
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At Panther Vision, we’re always looking toward the future, and part of our endeavor has led us to harness the infinite power of the sun to develop an incredible, high-tech and eco-friendly hands-free lighting device — the POWERCAP® 25/75 Solar Microfiber LED Hat. By placing your solar-powered POWERCAP® directly in natural sunlight for at least eight hours, you can have the most powerful LED lighting solution available without ever having to purchase sets of batteries again.

During the day while you’re performing normal outdoor activities like hiking, biking or kayaking, the conveniently-placed, ultra-efficient solar panel on the brim of the cap captures the sun’s light, charging the NiMH batteries for up to 500 recharge cycles. Then, at night, the battery will be completely charged and ready for providing uninterrupted lighting for 10 to 21 hours.

Once your POWERCAP® 25/75 Solar Microfiber LED Hat has charged, you’ll find a range of convenient and flexible state-of-the-art LED lighting options. In the visor of the solar hat are four strategically placed LED lights for optimal performance. Using our patented multi-position on-and-off switch, you can activate the dual-action lights — two are angled toward your feet for finishing close-up tasks, while the other two are pointed outward for distance viewing up to 18 meters. By activating the three-way switch, you can use each type of lighting individually or together.

Every bit of sunlight power is crucial, so to conserve resources, we’ve equipped the POWERCAP® 25/75 Solar Microfiber LED Hat with an intuitive battery-saver feature that senses when your cap is in use and turns the lights off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Embrace your wildest instincts with your favorite outdoor lighting device — the POWERCAP® 25/75 Solar Microfiber LED Hat. Order yours from Panther Vision today.


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