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POWERCAP 3.0 Rechargeable Fleece LED Lighted Headlamp Beanies


  • POWERCAP’s New Lighting Technology – 3. 0 Series Headlamp Lighting – Rechargeable LED!
  • 3 LED light output settings: High: 70 Lumens – Medium: 35 Lumens – Low: 15 Lumens
  • VISIBILITY DISTANCE: High: 15m – Medium: 10m – Low: 8m
  • BATTERY LIFE: High: 4 Hours – Medium: 5.4 hours – Low: 10.5 Hours
  • RECHARGE TIME: 6 Hours and 30 Minutes to full charge for optimum use
  • DURABILITY: WASHABLE IPX4 Water Resistant & Shockproof up to 1m
  • Ideal for jogging, biking, camping, hunting, fishing, auto repair and home improvement or any other activity needing hands-free lighting
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Rechargeable Beanies

Whether you’re enjoying the great outdoors or working on a project at home, the POWERCAP® 3.0 Series Rechargeable Beanie from Panther Vision provides the lighting you need. Putting up with poor visibility and cumbersome headlamps are a thing of the past thanks to our innovative lighting technology. Get our comfortable, hands-free lighted beanie and tackle your next adventure.

Lighted LED Beanie Features

Our rechargeable LED beanies feature three light output and visibility distance settings:

  • High: 70 lumens, reaches 15 meters and lasts for 4 hours.
  • Medium: 35 lumens, reaches 10 meters and lasts for 5.4 hours.
  • Low: 15 lumens, reaches 8 meters and lasts for up to 10 hours.

POWERCAP® Rechargeable Lighted Beanies come in seven color and design options to suit your style:

  • Black
  • Blaze Orange
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Mossy Oak Country
  • Mossy Oak Marlin Blue
  • Real Tree Edge

Benefits of Our LED Beanies

Our POWERCAP® Rechargeable Beanies come with a variety of benefits that will brighten your perspective in any situation. These versatile beanies are suitable for many applications. Use them for outdoor activities like camping and hunting, home improvement and automotive projects, and walking or running outside in the winter.

Panther Vision LED Beanies are comfortable and stay secure. The hands-free design and long-lasting rechargeable battery allow you to focus on your work and get more done in less time. Our beanies are waterproof and washable, so they can withstand even the most challenging circumstances.

Why Panther Vision?

At Panther Vision, we’re dedicated to improving lives with smarter lighting solutions. Our team of innovators works tirelessly to bring the newest and brightest technology to you. When you shop with us, you’ll get high-quality products that exceed your expectations and meet your personal and professional needs. Every one of our products comes with the Panther Vision POWERCAP® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Buy Rechargeable Lighted Beanies Today

Browse our inventory of POWERCAP® products, including rechargeable beanies from Panther Vision. Contact us online for more information and light up your future today!

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