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POWERPAW IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable Hand Warmer


  • The world’s 1st IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable Hand Warmer, the POWERPAW – The next essential piece of gear to warm up your adventure!
  • 360 DEGREE HEAT – Complete Exposure of 4 Heat Settings: Heat within seconds for maximum comfort and battery life
  • MICRO USB RECHARGEABLE – Easily Charge on Any Adventure: Charge using your computer, power bank, solar panel, or a USB port in your vehicle
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF – Patent Pending Waterproof Design: Rated for 30 minutes submerged in water up to 1 meter
  • 4 HEATING MODES – 130 Degrees of Heat: Easily adjust the desired level of heat with a maximum heat level up to 130°
  • SILICON MOLDED – Premium Grade Silicon: Made to withstand harsh use in the cold and on any expedition into the extreme outdoors
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – Optimal Design: Multi-Purpose Engineered with a space saving design that fits comfortably in your hand, pocket or bag
  • SHOCKPROOF – Superior Durability: Approved and rated for 1 meter damage protection in the event of a tough situation
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Powerpaw rechargeable hand warmer

POWERPAW IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Usher disposable hand warmers into the past — there’s a better solution in town. Panther Vision’s POWERPAW rechargeable hand warmers are waterproof and ready for your next adventure, any time of year. Whether it’s a little chilly or the temperature is dropping below freezing, prevent frostbite in your extremities with:

  • Four heat settings: Change your hand warmer’s temperature to 100°F, 110°F, 120°F or 130°F to match your comfort level and the outside temperature.
  • Immediate heat transfer: Once you power it on, our rechargeable hand warmer heats up to full power within 50 seconds. When every second counts to stay warm and retain body heat, choose the product that’s ready to go in less than a minute.
  • Ergonomic comfort: The hand warmer’s exterior consists of premium silicone, perfectly molded to fit comfortably in any hand. It emits heat consistently around the entire product, providing 360° coverage.

360 degree heat hand warmer

  • Superior durability: Panther Vision supplies are ready to go wherever you do. These waterproof hand warmers are rated to last up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water and are protected against drops up to 1 meter high.
  • Portable charging: Use any micro USB to recharge your hand warmer in the car, on a wall outlet, through your laptop or even with a portable solar charger.


Take Your Portable Hand Warmer on All Your Adventures

Whether you plan to spend the entire day outside or only an hour or two, the POWERPAW is the perfect way to ensure your hands stay warm and comfortable. This versatile, waterproof hand warmer can withstand various elements and harsh weather conditions such as rain and snowstorms.

Order Your New Favorite Essential Today

Whether you’re hunting, hiking, snowboarding or attending your next football game, you’ll stay comfortable all day or night. Keep your rechargeable hand warmer — or a few! — in your purse, backpack or car for immediate relief from winter weather conditions.

Powerpaw being charged

How Long Does the POWERPAW Last?

Your specific battery life will vary depending on the environment, temperature and heating level. Generally, your POWERPAW will run continuously for six hours on high, seven hours on medium-high, eight hours on medium-low and nine hours on low.

Why Do I Need a Rechargeable Hand Warmer?

Unlike other chemical hand warmers, rechargeable hand warmers allow for multiple uses for a reliable and powerful heat source. You also can adjust the heat depending on how much you need. The POWERPAW hand warmer is durable and works well for indoor and outdoor adventures.

Is There a Low Battery Warning?

The POWERPAW does not make noise when it is in use. When the POWERPAW runs low on battery, you will see a flashing light indicating that you will need to charge your battery soon.

Can I Use My Hand Warmer to Warm My Hands While It Charges?

The POWERPAW does not heat while it is charging. Disconnect the charger and turn the device back on to resume the POWERPAW’s heating function.