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Panther Vision POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats

It’s Time To Embrace The Unconventional.

The POWERCAP® is a powerful combination of hands-free LED lighting and style. It’s perfect for passionate outdoor enthusiasts who need effective and reliable lighting solutions to conquer even the darkest and most secluded environments. When you’re wearing your POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hat, simply flip the switch concealed in the brim of the hat to immediately guide you in the dark.

Whether it’s for work or play, a product that enhances performance is a no-brainer. This hat has multiple high-powered LED bulbs that give you extra bright light. We’ve angled the POWERCAP® floodlights, so you can see up-close and at least 50 feet away. Whether you’re trying to tie on a lure or see far ahead on a trail, you can count on the POWERCAP®.

We’ve engineered POWERCAP® with a down-to-earth design that’s convenient to use, so it’s a perfect fit no matter how you use it. Our fleece cap and beanies are the perfect solutions for cold-weather activities. We’ve developed a wide range of hands-free lighting products to encompass nearly any type of interest, hobby, or occupation, and to keep up with the most demanding projects and environments.

Browse our selection of more than 60 styles and colors to discover the POWERCAPS® that best fit your lifestyle.

powercap beanie

Features of Our POWERCAP® Cap Light

With everything from beanies to structured and unstructured hats, we have a wide selection of different POWERCAP® options. For example, our beanies boast a comfortable and washable design that’s meant for long-lasting use, while our LED lighted hats can give you visibility for up to 72 feet with a battery life of up to 68 hours. We do also have solar LED hat options if you are looking for a rechargeable option.

Choose the product that works best for your needs. With our POWERCAP® Limited Lifetime Warranty, you can feel confident in your LED lighted hat choice, and enjoy its benefits for years to come.


Just because the sun quits, doesn’t mean you do.

You deserve a utility light that shines as bright as your work ethic. The ingenuity and versatility of POWERCAP® mean you can get work done whenever it’s convenient for you. You can stay safe, too, while working in the dark, so you won’t need to worry when the sun goes down.

Whether you need to fix up that old car, take your dog on a long walk or read your kids a bedtime story, POWERCAP® has got you covered.

powercap everyday use
powercap hunting


Getting your first kill of the season can feel pretty badass. But it’s not always easy navigating your way and tracking that bad boy after the sun goes down. Our camo LED hunting hats are the perfect solution to those early mornings out hunting and night fishing needs. We’re outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, which means we know exactly what features you need to enjoy a well-lit environment and stay warm.

We don’t call ourselves Panther Vision for nothing. When you’re on the prowl in the dark, make POWERCAP® second nature.


Life has enough stress triggers and finding time to run shouldn’t be one of them.

Whether you like to run with the early birds or with the night owls, these lightweight POWERCAPS® feature powerful LED lights and reflective material to keep you safe. Choose one of our LED running hats if you want to run with confidence, even when it’s dark.

powercap running
powercap cold weather


The days are getting colder. The nights are getting longer. But just because temperatures are freezing, doesn’t mean you’re slowing down.

Show winter who’s boss with these fleece POWERCAPS® that are as warm as they are bright. Whether you need a warm hat to play outside with your kids or continue your outdoor pursuits, you can count on our warm LED fleece caps and beanies.


Safeguard your well-being by being well-lit.

When you’re working in ceilings, electrical closets or any dark spaces, there’s a lot of potential for danger. Protruding nails, sharp corners and failing debris just to name a few. The POWERCAP® is quick and easy to operate so that you can avoid injury and focus on getting the job done.

powercap safety

Live in a Brighter World With Hands-Free Lighting From Panther Vision

Panther Vision was founded over 10 years ago. We remain guided by the desire to improve our customers’ lives with smarter lighting products, including unconventional hands-free LED caps and other devices to effortlessly solve your most common problems.

Over the years, Panther Vision has grown and evolved, creating innovative products and earning over 25 different patents to date, while developing a forward-thinking company that defies convention. No matter what type of POWERCAP® design Panther Vision creates, every product is crafted according to exceptional standards and sourced from top-quality, recycled materials.

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The POWERCAP® is our most powerful and practical hands-free LED lighting product. Whether you’re working on completing a challenging task or exploring the great outdoors, Panther Vision’s POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats are, without question, an innovative product that will enhance your performance in unexpected ways.

Browse our extensive selection of more than 60 POWERCAP® styles and colors to discover which product best suits your active lifestyle.