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Panther Vision POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hats

More often than not, the sunset signals the end of outdoor activities. When it drops below the horizon, we’re forced to pack up and head inside for the night, or else be left fumbling for light.

Sometimes, though, the night calls to us, and we can’t just abandon the task at hand. Always feel prepared for the dark with Panther Vision’s patented POWERCAP®. Our lighted hats combine an array of sleek designs with bright LED technology and a dependable power supply to keep your path illuminated while allowing you free use of your hands.

The POWERCAP® is a powerful combination of hands-free LED lighting and style that creates an amazing LED cap. It’s perfect for passionate outdoor enthusiasts who need effective and reliable lighting solutions to conquer even the darkest and most secluded environments. When you’re wearing your POWERCAP® LED Lighted Hat, simply flip the switch concealed in the brim of the hat to immediately guide you in the dark.

Whether it’s for work or play, a product that enhances performance is a no-brainer. This hat has multiple high-powered LED bulbs that give you extra bright led light. We’ve angled the POWERCAP® hat brim lights, so you can see up-close and at least 50 feet away. Whether you’re trying to tie on a lure or see far ahead on a trail, you can count on the POWERCAP® to be a reliable lighted hat for your most important needs.

We’ve engineered POWERCAP® with a down-to-earth design that’s convenient to use, so it’s a perfect fit no matter how you use it. Our fleece cap and led beanie hats are the perfect solutions for cold-weather activities. We’ve developed a wide range of hands-free lighting products to encompass nearly any type of interest, hobby, or occupation, and to keep up with the most demanding projects and environments.

We believe in finding uncommon solutions to common problems™, and our LED lighted caps comfortably into that mantra. Find men’s and women’s lighted hats by browsing our website. Browse our selection of more than 60 styles and colors to discover the POWERCAPS® that best fit your lifestyle.


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