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Headlamp Hats

Lighting technology has taken significant steps forward in terms of power over the years, but there’s still plenty to improve upon.

For one, companies have yet to combine a strong headlamp seamlessly into a comfortable hat — until now.

Panther Vision has dedicated itself to creating uncommon solutions to common problems™, and we’ve done so with our headlamp hats. These models eliminate the clunkiness of most headlamps, all while offering the distinct advantages that come with wearing baseball caps during a wide range of tasks and activities.

Why Use Our LED Headlamps Over Traditional Options?

Imagine hiking through a densely-wooded area as the sun sets. You might be headed back, or it might be the beginning of your journey. Either way, you know that the darkness awaits you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re with a group of friends or solo — you’ll need a way to appropriately illuminate the area in front of you as trek closer toward your goal. Headlamps prove to be useful, but they can often result in uncomfortable fits and irregular beams, as they can bounce around during your walk.

Our headlamp hats completely change the game. You can use them for hunting, hiking, fishing and a plethora of other tasks you need to tackle in poorly-lit situations. Not only will your light be consistent, but it will also free up your hands to perform other tasks, like securing your backpack or carrying your weapon of choice.

You can also use the lights on the brim for low-profile tasks, like reading.

Features of Our Headlamp Hats

Our headlamp hats offer the pinnacle of our LED technology. In addition to the standard floodlights that fit into the bills of all our caps, we equip these hats with a massively powerful headlamp.

While the floodlights alone generate a modest 24 lumens, which can cover 14 meters, the three-watt headlamp can produce 181 lumens, which illuminates the length of two football fields. Together, you can combine these light fixtures to create comprehensive coverage for an elongated amount of time — up to 189 hours combined, and 294 hours from the headlamp alone.

The hats draw their power from three AA batteries, and the power supply attaches to the back to maximize comfort.

Concerning the build, we offer standard and winterized versions. The standard model can come in a camo version, which makes it ideal for hunting ventures. The other color choice is a sleek, no-nonsense black that lets you match with look. If you want to remain warm, winter headlamp hats feature micro-fleece construction with built-in ear flaps.

Both of our headlamp hats feature methods for adjustment, whether it be a Velcro strap or adjustable cord.

Panther Vision Will Provide You With the Best Headlamps

If you want to outshine the competition while remaining hands-free, Panther Vision offers the best headlamps around. Contact us today.

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