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LED Headlamp Beanie

Winter brings colder temperatures and longer nights, but that shouldn’t reduce your work ethic. When the thermometer shows negative numbers on a busy evening, your first priority should be to protect your ears and retain heat. However, wouldn’t it be great if your cozy beanie also illuminated the chilly darkness, giving you a clear view of your task at hand?

You don’t have to imagine anymore. Panther Vision has led the charge on revolutionizing the hands-free lighting industry. One of our innovations puts the cold weather directly in its crosshairs, as our winter hats with built-in LED lights will keep you going long after the sun sets.

Why Use Our Headlamp Beanie?

The winter time doesn’t halt many industries from continuing with their duties — it can just make things harder. If you need hardy gloves for your next job, the chances are high you won’t want to bother with handling a flashlight with your heavily-insulated fingers.

The same reasoning holds true for an early morning hunt in the tree stand or a late-evening ice fishing trip, where the use of both your hands is essential. Our LED beanie hat makes it easy to see and stay warm in the dark and cold, no matter what task or job you may be doing.

From hunting to fishing to working, you can place your focus where it matters most without having to worry about being cold or in the dark. Our options produce a large amount of light both in front of you and at your feet, due to all of the alternatives having some variation of a split-light system.

Features of Our Beanies With LED Lights

Our beanies utilize four LEDs that sit in two different positions. With one set shooting forward and the other pointing down, you will have 48 lumens worth of light at your service, which matches plenty of standard headlamps without the clunkiness.

Our beanies hold four 3-volt batteries, which can produce up to 68 hours of light, so you’ll never be left in the dark. They will also stay put on your head making them the best option to keep you warm all winter long.

You can configure the beanie’s appearance to suit your needs as well. Order a unit in one of our many camo designs, or get it in bright orange or yellow, for hunting purposes. Reflective colors can be useful for work settings, such as construction sites.

We also carry general colors and patterns to match your everyday wardrobe, which allows you to marry appearance with functionality.

If you need more powerful options, we have fleece winter hats with built-in headlamps. These options are tailor-made for stints in the cold wilderness, as they feature ultra-warm fleece and a light system that projects nearly 200 lumens. With a beam that can reach more than 200 meters, you will never fail to see what’s ahead of you.

Panther Vision Will Offer You the Best LED Beanie Around

Don’t let the cold weigh down your ambitions. If you believe Panther Vision has what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us today.
Have more questions about our lighted beanies? Vist our beanie FAQ page.