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Running Hats With Lights

It can be dangerous to tread a darkened path, especially when you’re running or jogging.

However, some people will refuse to accept that hindrance, as they look to proceed even with the lack of light. Whether you’re aiming to start your workout before dawn or after dusk, you can keep everything ahead adequately lit with the use of Panther Vision’s running hats with lights.

Not only do the positioning of the cap’s lights give you unbeatable versatility, but they will also provide great brightness on par with many standard headlamps, minus the added bulk. Overall, the lights produce 48 lumens, which is more than enough to guide you throughout the twists and turns of the trail.

We aim to provide functionality while seamlessly integrating our technology into the look of a typical running cap. The hats hold four thinly-designed, 3-volt batteries, which sit comfortably in the rim to remain unobtrusive. More importantly, these units can produce up to 68 hours of power, giving you plenty of juice for multiple runs. The on/off switch sits conveniently in the band for quick access as well.

We know you want a running hat that does more than light up. You need something that keeps your head cool and the sweat out of your eyes, and we offer the designs to stay true to that goal. We carry lightweight, multi-panel caps for men and women, as they contain the latest in moisture-wicking technology and a durable sweat-absorbing band.

You’ll never need to worry about your hat’s size, either, as all our running caps feature a Velcro strap you can easily adjust to fit different head sizes comfortably.

Wherever your runs take you, be prepared for any circumstances using Panther Vision’s running cap with LED lights.  Check out our running cap color options.Contact us today, and we’ll gladly recommend products, address your concerns and answer any questions we can.

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